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Handsome Male Models Behind Scenes

Handsome Male Models Behind Scenes as Joey & Johnny take ride on ATV; we see Brock, Henry as well as Mitch posing for pictures. Jake & Brandon having a chat.

Male Models Joey and Johnny

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

It is Joey lucky day. After a day of riding on the quad out in the field, Joey and his friend Johnny head back inside to clean up for the night’s events. Johnny is sweaty as all all that. First we see his friend as he hitches a ride with him on his ATV. They speed off together on the vehicle.

Male Model Brock

Handsome Male Model Photo

If the idea of a straight guy built like a brick powerhouse pleases you. Brock is here just for you. He is nearly as wide as he is tall! Brock says he is strictly straight off camera, but he doesn’t mind showing off for his gay male admirers. He has a very handsome face with a nicely toned body to match.

Male Model Henry

Handsome Male Model Photo

Straight muscle model Tyler gets a pleasant surprise when the new sales guy arrives at the staff house. After getting to his new room Henry gets a polite warning from that he need about keeping out of his way. That’s no problem for Henry, and when he makes it clear that he’s all about the accommodations. He will only be in town for 48 hours. Here we see the model as he approaches the house with his baggage.

Male Model Mitch

Handsome Male Model Photo

Mitch has been in this modelling business for a long time, his sexy look and great personality have made him very successful! This model had been making the rounds ever since, bringing his sexy look and hot performances with him! Believe it or not he used to be very skinny but has been working out at the gym to buff up.

Male Models Jake & Brandon

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

When Jake offers to talk to Ryan for his buddy, Brandon, but he has his own things in mind. Here were find the two young men outside a window looking in. This is right before Jake goes into the gym to talk to his friend.


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