Handsome Male Model Site Marcello & Friends

Handsome Male Model Site Marcello & Friends has announced their closure as of December of this year, we take a look back at some of the models in photosets

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif
Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Handsome Italian Model Marcello

After more than 10 years of operation.. With Marcello has announced that “the site will no longer be taking new members with immediate effect. The members area will remain open until the 13th December 2017 for existing members.”

They also let us know this:

“Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, the site is not viable anymore financially. Many thanks for your understanding. James”


You will be missed Marcello !


Handsome Male Model Photo

From set of pictures called “Artistic” we see the male model who I am assuming was Marcello. He appears to be buying a painting from his artist friend and then takes it home.

Dreams of a Hangman

Handsome Male Model Photo

Set from 2008 with Marcello dosing off and having a dream with a hangman. Not a very nice dream at all.


Handsome Male Model Photo

One of the few models that wasn’t Marcello on the website. This model went by Hooper and appears in a stable. I am assuming that is his riding gear.

Lee Slipper

Handsome Male Model Photo

A set of images that were sent in March of 2008 called “Lee Slipper”. Marcello appears to be reading a book and showing off his slippers. These also appear to be similar to the photos that were sent in the “Dreams of a Hangman” photoshoot.

Lee Jungle

Handsome Male Model Photo

From April 2008 – called “Lee Jungle”. The model who I thought was Marcello appears in a jungle scenario. Maybe his real name is Lee ? I dunno.. but he is wearing a bandana so he must be in the jungle.


Handsome Male Model Photo

Again, two of the models on the site who are not Marcello (or maybe Lee). These models appear in an office setting. One model inspects the other man’s shoes. Check out that computer in the background

Waiting for my pizza delivery

Handsome Male Model Photo

Photoshoot simply called “Waiting for my pizza delivery”. The model Marcello while waiting for his pizza decides to wash his feet. Even a little pedicure action happening.


Handsome Male Model Photo

Marcello now appears in the stable. It looks like the same background as the other model Hooper. The clothing even looks the same.

Robbed and humiliated

Handsome Male Model Photo

Again, from March of 2008 – Marcello appears as a business man checking his watch when he is held up and relieved of all his possessions including his clothing. Luckily, at the end of the photoset a man retrieves his belongings. Marcello must be happy to have his clothes back.


Handsome Male Model Photo

One of the only 4 models who were not Marcello that appeared on the site “With Marcello”. This is an ebony model who went by the name of Sensi. He seems to be reading the paper and smoking.

Shoot in Milan

Handsome Male Model Photo

We find Marcello in another photoset called “Shoot in Milan”. The model appears to be photographed for a photos ession. He shows off his red socks.

Sock Catalogue

Handsome Male Model Photo

More of model Marcello. This time he is in green socks whereas before we saw him in red socks. He also seems transfixed by a pair of black socks in this montage.

Wet Suit

Handsome Male Model Photo

We find model Marcello now in the water wearing his suit. 💦


Handsome Male Model Photo

Some of the other photos that were submitted including one where he is in the kitchen drinking wine. We also see him in front of the computer.


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