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Handsome Male Model Site Dixter Men Featured


Handsome Male Model Site Dixter Men Featured as we look back again at some of the models that were photographed for former website with good looking guys


Handsome Male Model Collages



Handsome Male Model Troy

Sexy male Troy was the only ebony model to appear on this site. He did some solo photography and looks like he has been going to the gym regularly


Handsome Male Model Christian

Christian is a sexy 20-year-old Scottish dude with a hot body, a sexy accent, and a nice look about him. He also does a solo photoset. They usually photographed their models in what looked to be a hotel room.


Handsome Male Model Matt

Matt is a really hot older model. He’s really active and is into all sorts of outdoor sports (the bruises and scratched on his body are from mountain biking). He’s totally exhibitionistic and loves showing off his body. From what I gather – late 30’s is what they refer to as older


Handsome Male Model Rad

Rad is their newest model. He’s a straight dude who’s a kickboxer and loves extreme sports. These photographs that were supplied were from their video production so the quality isn’t that great.


Handsome Male Model Kelson

Kelson is a hot 21-year-old straight jock with a strong body and really good looks. This model would probably be my favourite of all their models. He really has that great guy next door look. He is in perfect shape with a nice face. Would like to know if he did any more modelling after this.


Handsome Male Model Boris

Boris is a hot muscle model from East Europe with a sexy accent and nice body. He’s also an ex SWAT member, straight and married. In some of the photo sets they would have the models do a short work out routine before they took off their shirts. This is one of those sessions.


Handsome Male Model Dean

Handsome Male Model

Dean is a hot muscle stud they’re featuring on the week. He’s got one hot beefy bod and a great looking everything. Again, we see that they had the models do a short work out with some weights. This looks like it might have been photographed in an apartment as opposed to a hotel room.


Handsome Male Model Kobe

Here is sexy and good looking model Kobe. These photos look like they were taken in that same room. You can still make out that this is a good looking model.


Dixter Not Dexter

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