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Handsome Male Model Scenes Plus Drag Performer

Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs

Handsome Male Models Scenes Plus Drag Performer in another collection of animated gifs with some American Men like Leo, Woody, Christian, Diesel & Uk model

Amateur Male Models Woody & James

Handsome Male Model Gif

When you’re new in town you ask a totally handsome model to recommend something fun to do. Remember that his idea of fun might not be what you had in mind. When that model is Woody and he’s offering to show you some new ways to have fun, take his advice and just say yes, you’ll have the time of your life. These two models meet at a bus stop in London.

Amateur Male Model Justin

Handsome Male Model Gif Handsome Male Model Gif

Starring deliciously handsome model Justin. On the outside he looks like a young, preppy gentleman, with his slicked back hair, handsome clean shaven face, and piercing eyes…but he’s very devilish. Here we find him looking provocatively at the camera.

Amateur Male Model Christian

Handsome Male Model Gif

Christian sitting at his Imac computer. In this scene he plays a successful yet really troubled artist who is lacking inspiration. Doing some research online, he learns of an manor for sale in the woods supposedly to be one of the most haunted properties in New England — just the kind of thing to inspire a great work of art! This was for a Halloween special.

Amateur Male Model Leo

Handsome Male Model Gif

Leo is a beefy soft-spoken kind of model, with a bit of shy streak that takes a little initial uncovering. After he opened up, this north-western bred model reveals a thoughtful perspective about his life. He is also outdoorsman, they catch up with him out on the porch, about to take a dip underneath the bright light of the sun. Here we find him taking off his t-shirt.

Drag Performer Lady Bunny

Handsome Male Model Gif

There’s never any rest for the wicked, and that goes double for the amateur male models and their guest stars. Behind the scenes animated features drag performer Lady Bunny. They take us on the set and talk about their experience filming in New York City.

Amateur Male Ebony Model Diesel

Handsome Male Model Gif

Amateur model Diesel as he sits in a room that turns to a background of a rose 🌹. Pretty cool effect.




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