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Handsome Male Model Webmaster Interviewed


Handsome Male Model Webmaster Interviewed as he answers our questions about what its like to photograph and video tape male models who are surfers & skaters


Surfer Dude Model/Webmaster Interviewed


1. Are you a skater or surfer yourself, or do you just wear Billabong?


Afraid we just wear the ‘Bong’ dude. Both my partner Baz and I have been ‘surfers at heart’ since our youth, but he grew up in the midwest and I’m from the Pacific Northwest, neither of which is known for it’s killersets. So we live it out through our guys.


2. Once you get your models out of their Billabong, how long do you pause
to reflect on how great your job is?


Oh, it doesn’t take long. There’s nothing like seeing a ripe muscle model sliding out of a pair of board-shorts ready to make it’s screen debut.


3. You have some especially sexy straight guys in your new “Donovan’s
Dudes” sections. Do you think you any of them are bisexual ?


If I know our buddy Donovan I wouldn’t doubt it. This guy is amazing and can get these dudes to do some crazy-assed stuff. The section is totally new but we’ve already got models who are totally hooked on the stuff. I’ve seen some of the teasers for upcoming scenes he’s sending my way and he’s definately pushing the guys farther.


Surfer Dude Types Modelling

4. You include skating footage in some of your videos. Do you prescreen your models for skating/surfing prowess? If so, what tricks do you make them do?


We did more often in the beginning when we had more time. Now that the site is gaining in popularity it takes more time doing all the behind the scenes stuff. This means that we can’t always get out to the parks watch a guy showing his skills before approaching him. As long as they can ride a ‘big deck’ then they’re hired.


5. The tagline for “Skaters, Surfers, Models.” From your experience, do skaters or surfers have bigger legs?


Skaters hands down! Not sure why that is. Maybe it’s just the proportions as most skaters are skinnier. We’ve had a few skater boys with such huge legs we’re like ‘how the hell do you maneuver your deck with those.


6. The skater models I’ve met seem to be pretty open-minded. Do you find that they are often bisexual?


We’ve kind of given up trying to define our guys by sexual preference. There’s this whole new generation of ‘straight’ guys that seem to come to the table with this willingness to experiment with another dude without a second thought. They often have girlfriends at home (sometimes they bring them to the set while we film) and may confess to have experimented a bit But they do their thing with us and then it’s back to life as usual. It does seem that the sexual lines have blurred way beyond what we could have even fantasized about when we were their age. Fine by us!


7. Don’t you ever want to slap your models on the back like some other webmasters out there?

That’s a tough one. Of course we’re guys, so when there’s a young hottie on your couch givin’ it up for the camera you can’t help but notice. We totally try to keep ourselves behind the lens and out of the action, and let the models do their magic. If we really hit it off with a dude and he’s hangin’ with us for a while, then… well… Not to kiss and tell but we may have partaken in a bit of the nasty with a few!


8. A lot of your models have tattoos. What is the funniest one you have seen so far?

Hmmm… Can’t say this one was particularly funny, but the tatts that made the biggest impression on us were on Nate. He’s got some amazing ink, but what stuck out was the words “Lost” on one set of knuckles and “Soul” on the other. It was a bit of a contradiction to his personality since he’s totally driven as a person.


8.5 If you could pick any guy to model, who would he be and what would you have him do?

Our fixation of the moment is on Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. He’s the guy from the british comedy “Bend It Like Beckham” and the recent “StoneWall “. That boy’s lips make us want to do unspeakable things to them. We’d definately hire him. Man, got to sit down over that one!

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