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Handsome Male Model from Europe Shirtless

Handsome Male Model Sven

Handsome Male Model

Dirty blonde haired male model Sven is captured in the outdoors. For this photosession he takes off his shirt seductively revealing his smooth chest. He has a nipple piercing on his left side as well as pierced ears.

Handsome Male Models Shagi Phillip MIchel Miro Marco

Handsome Male Model

I put these male models in one collage as only one picture was sent per model. We have Michel another model with a pierced nipple. Miro is striking a pose on top of the bar while wearing cowboy boots. Blue eyes Marco appears shirtless in his boxers. Blonde Shagi has his hair slicked back and smiles a lot. Phillip appears to be enjoying the sunshine.

Handsome Male Model Sasha

Handsome Male Model

We find young model Sasha with shaven blonde hair in some creative photography. This good looking guy appears in some interesting locations. The photograph with him appearing shirtless in an abandoned building is really creative. Sasha appears to be up for anything judging by these pictures.

Handsome Male Model Jam

Handsome Male Model

Dark haired model Jam appears in a tropical background. We see him shirtless during this photosession. He has a smooth chest that we can see in one of the photographs.

Handsome Male Model Frank

Handsome Male Model

Frank shows off his smooth chest in this collection of images. We see him wearing a baseball cap that contrast with his pierced eyebrow and tuft of facial hair.

Handsome Male Model Ed

Handsome Male Model

Ed is the only ebony model that appeared on this site. He shows off his good looks while in and out of the pool. The photographer captured him well during this photosession.

Handsome Male Model Dadu

Handsome Male Model

Dadu appears as an Arab Sheikh. He might have arabic roots but no information was submitted so I can’t be sure.

Handsome Male Model Ruman

Handsome Male Model

Another dark haired model who goes by Ruman appears by the beach. His hair matches his dark eyebrows and brown eyes. We see him posing shirtless against the shoreline cliffs.

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