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Handsome Male Model DVD Titled Lost Reviewed

Handsome Male Model DVD Titled Lost Reviewed as we watch and comment on now classic gay film about lovers who happen to be in modelling industry as well.

Handsome Male Model DVD Titled Lost Reviewed


Michael is a well-built, muscular, hairy chested Russian. In this, his directorial debut, the story is hazy at best, but he surrounds himself with hunky men’s men in this beautifully shot DVD.

Lucas is boyfriends with handsome Luciano. The movie opens with him riding home early morning in a cab. We flash back to the hot night he’s just had. Hot sweaty with rugged bearded and hairy chested Wilfried and tough looking Alex with his shaved head and multiple tattoos. The rough and tumble session covers about every position imaginable before Lucas goes slinking home to his boyfriend. But not before accidentally leaving a picture of said boyfriend behind.

Handsome Male Model

A short argument ensues between the estranged lovers with Lucas half-heartedly saying, “I keep messing up, don’t I?” More like “I keep messing around with everyone I meet…”

Disgruntled Haas leaves for work. Then wham! Out of nowhere we’re suddenly treated to the main attraction. All these guys are well built but Chad and his enormous muscles (the silhouette of him standing in the window really gives you an idea just how huge he is) and Richard rein supreme. There is lot of deep kissing.

After the fun we join despondent Haas on lunch break from work. Black, Knight and Christophe drop to grab a bite and Knight recognizes Haas from the picture Lucas left behind at his last event. With an evil gleam in his eye, Knight goads Haas into joining the three of them for “dessert” at their hotel. These men devour each other and the chemistry is hot. Finally they settle into Knight, Haas and Blanc who seem to really enjoy themselves as they make out in turn.

Once the scene is over we follow Haas home on the train and he seems to be feeling very guilty. Arriving home, Haas finds Lucas equally pouty. Seeing him like this makes Haas burst out and say, “I don’t want to talk about anything anymore!”

And they don’t, they get right down to making love. This scene is passionate, sexy and hot.

As I mentioned earlier the story is flimsy, but the men are hunky, the love is down and dirty, while still capturing the lusty chemistry these guys have.

Handsome Male Model


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