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Handsome Male Model Archival Collages

Handsome Male Model Archival Collages with stand out behind body builder Tony who is photographed in a garage. Video clip is a combination of movies


Photos from the archives. More of the men that have been in my inbox over the years. I literally mean ‘inbox’ – no puns or anything. Just some of the thousands and thousands of photos that have been submitted.

I’m starting from the beginning as a lot of these images never were posted.

Handsome Male Model Collage

Handsome Male Model Collage

From Top Left – Clockwise

1) Latino model who went by the name of Cuban Redd.. assuming because he was from Cuba or he had Cuban roots. This photo was shot in Miami.

2) Models Lucky & Trent in the studios in Los Angeles.

3) Just “the intern and Cameron”. Josh the model on the right pretending to be doctor would later die in 2011 of complications relating to AIDS.

4) No name for this model – they just sent the photos. I’ll call him Rex.

5) Ginger Model Graham in San Diego. Original blurb : Graham said he had a girlfriend back in high school, but it just didn’t work out after he discovered that guys are much more fun!”

Handsome Male Model Collage – Bonus

Handsome Male Model Collage - Bonus

This is a set with a model who went by Tony DaVinci. These are perfectly shot by a professional photographer in a real garage. He’s a perfect model for this fantasy mechanic set.


Handsome Model Video Clip

From the original teasers:

a) “Lucky is so much fun to have around. He’s so full of life and is always thrilled to come into town for a shoot. His signature toothy grin endears him to everyone who sees him.”

b) “Take two gorgeous guys like Gage and Trent, add in copious amounts of body hair, sweat, sexual heat and come, then simmer on slow heat.

c) “Joey makes his debut. He loves to show off his gorgeous body and he wants you to see every inch of it in today’s new video.”


Animated Gif

Animated Gif

Rex and Eli getting acquainted. Rex would later on do many more video productions.

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