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Handsome Male Amateur Models Shirtless

Handsome Male Amateur Model Blair

Handsome Male Amateur Models

Guy next door looking Blair shows off his slightly hairy chest in this set of photos. He seems very natural as a model.

Handsome Male Amateur Model Max

Handsome Male Amateur Models

Dark haired model Max shows off his smooth chest. He shows off some different poses even posing in a blue towel, as well as a pair of torn jeans.

Handsome Male Amateur Model Luke

Handsome Male Amateur Models

Luke tells the cameraman that he loves to show off and this photo session was so much fun for him to do. This model shows off his chest tattoo that almost matches his black t-shirt. He poses in another blue towel right before his shower photo.

Handsome Male Amateur Model Chad

Handsome Male Amateur Models

Chad is a beefy Marine and the cameraman said that this model is a big ole flirt! He was very nice, and when they asked about whether he was gay or not; he didn’t say no. He grinned a little and then told them about meeting up with a straight couple. He said they messed around a bit too, and the wife seemed to like that. Chad seems to know exactly how to peak their interest, and they all took the bait, hook line and sinker.

Handsome Male Amateur Model Ace

Handsome Male Amateur Models

Cute model Ace shows off in this photoset looking very candid and relaxed. He seems to like the spotlight.

Handsome Male Amateur Model Carson

Handsome Male Amateur Models

Carson is a rugged sexy Bi-Sexual 22 year old model that the photographer met through a buddy of his. He is a former Marine, and long time skateboarder, but he admitted that he is not as good on a skateboard any more.

Handsome Male Amateur Model Jon

Handsome Male Amateur Models

Jon is a straight red headed model that the webmaster met through a girlfriend of his.  He came over for a party a few weeks ago, and they all really hit it off. He also has a guy next door look to him.

Handsome Male Amateur Model Cody

Handsome Male Amateur Models

In his dress blues, Cody has the cutest smile, and he’s one really nice guy said the photographer.

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