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Handsome Fierce Male Models Showing off Shirtless

Handsome Fierce Male Models Showing off shirtless with Photography Collages as we showcase good looking men solo and couple. All guys pose for camera and share themselves in photos. Most of the young men featured here are in the mid-twenties with an exception of two guys in their early thirties. Enjoy the view.

Handsome Fierce Male Models Elliot & Kirk

Handsome Male Model

After a long day at the office Elliot has his suit stripped off by fellow male model and friend, Kirk. Here the two pose individually and as a couple for their fun set of photos. Elliot wasn’t really at the office – it was just for this photoshoot.

Handsome Fierce Male Model Jason

Handsome Male Model

Jason showed up wearing some form fitting athletic clothes. Being more skater punk they were impressed by his fashion choices. They thought this was really terrific to see especially, with his tattoos. He gets to the showing off part really quick. His blue shirt matches his blue eyes.

Handsome Fierce Male Model Tod

Handsome Male Model

Tod with only one D is wearing a number 13 t-shirt. The only solo model that doesn’t take off his shirt for his photos. We see a small tattoo on his stomach – perhaps that is why he doesn’t pose shirtless.

Handsome Fierce Male Models Tyler & Marshall

Handsome Male Model

Tyler’s trademark kiss sticks straight out of his lips. Marshall licks it like a lollypop. They love watching Marshall lick Tyler’s beautiful face. These models are not just friends but they are real life lovers as well. They steam up the cameras as evidenced here.

Handsome Fierce Male Model Elliott

Handsome Male Model

They photographed Elliot in his own bedroom at home. He wakes up from a nap and shows off his body. This is the same model that appeared in the photos earlier with model Kirk. He looks very different in this group of pictures. He appears much more relaxed and candid here.

Handsome Fierce Male Models David & Kevin

Handsome Male Model

These two models look like they were made for each other. They weren’t a real life couple but they look like they should have been.

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