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Handsome Christmas Male Models Part Two

The last Christmas post until next year guys. I imagine like everyone else – you probably have had your share of Xmas already. But I figured I might as well take the time to post one more because I do have a lot of seasonal models pictures. Most of the pictures that I have here are cute guys wearing Santa hats.. its a thing ! Usually, they are shirtless and sometimes a Christmas tree appears in the shoot. A lot of the Christmas pictures are actually taken in July – FYI. Everything is well planned in advance.

Handsome Christmas Male Model Alessandro

Handsome Christmas Male Models

These are ones of model Alessandro that I actually took myself. I used to have section in a gay magazine featuring the Model ‘GUY’ on the back of the issue. It was published every two weeks and this appeared just before Christmas.

I asked Alessandro to pose and he agreed. We went up to a spot in the city that I knew had a great Christmas tree. When the security guard wasn’t looking I asked him to take off his shirt. He whipped off that black t-shirt pretty quickly and I snapped these pictures really fast.

I haven’t Alessandro him in long time. He was originally from San Paulo, Brazil.

Handsome Christmas Male Model Raymond

Handsome Christmas Male Models

Another for the gay magazines Christmas issue. This time I asked a friend of a friend who turned out to be this model Raymond to pose for me. Then I asked another friend if we could come over to his place and use his Christmas tree as a background. He agree.. but he was a little nervous at first because of it being a vintage tree. He even had fake presents wrapped up so we could use it as a prop. It all turned out well.

Handsome Christmas Male Model Ricki

Handsome Christmas Male Models

Ricki has a nice xmas present for you and he wasn’t wasting any time unwrapping it for everyone. This model was from Berlin in Germany and as I mentioned earlier – he poses shirtless by a Christmas tree.

Handsome Christmas Male Model Dave

Handsome Christmas Male Models

I might have posted this model already called ‘Dave’ who is wearing that Santa Claus hat. But it’s a good set of pictures for the holiday occasion so I’ll post it again. Dave was from California so being shirtless in December was no big deal.

Handsome Christmas Male Model Vincent

Handsome Christmas Male Models

Finally, another German model from Berlin in another Santa Claus outfit. This time he appears by the Christmas tree and inspects the ornaments.

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