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Gym Memberships Queer Love Included

Georgie Gay Amateur Male Model

Dark-haired, athletic 26-year-old Georgie is a Los Angeles resident currently working as a swim coach. “I would describe myself as straight, but open says Georgie. ‘I like big teeth, big smiles, big eyes, and a big butt!’ states the boyish looking cutie.

Marcus & Al & David Gay Amateur Male Models

A couple of familiar faces and a new friend to boot is who will be showing it off for us this week. There are local Cuban, Marcus, Mr. David originally from Honduras. The third latino flavor in our latino buffet is newcomer Al.

Sean & Cole Gay Amateur Male Models

Ripped Sean and fit Cole are making their way back indoors after a quick trail hike. I hope Cole is ready, said Sean.

Ray Stone Gay Amateur Male Model

Hairy muscle bear. With a membership to this gym, your exercise routine will never be the same with this gym partner.

Joel & Dante Gay Amateur Male Models

You can see the looks in their faces – a combination of total pleasure as well as a bit of disbelief that they’re getting to do what they’re doing! For me, it’s not hard to believe that they’re doing it, though!

Jessie Zane & Jherrad Lopez Gay Amateur Male Models

The previous night, while filming the coach video, he could barely squeeze one finger. The next morning, while shooting this massage video, Jessie was completely relaxed with the situation, and Jherrad managed to make out with him.

Hans Gay Amateur Male Model

“This model is maturing beautifully and in his latest feature, “Instant Gratification” we get to see him at his very macho and very manly best. Hans is in our studio office for this set, talking on line to one of his many fans and doing all those hot and sexy things we wish we had the chance to tell him to do.”

Adriano Marquez Gay Amateur Male Model

A true legend, a most beautiful man, hard defined muscles, sizzling Spanish good looks and a stunning outlook on life to boot! Adriano has it all.

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