Google Play App Store Anti-gay Bias Discrimination

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Not only are social media platforms being censored the Apps themselves are being discriminated against.

Google Play Store Censorship

There aren’t that many Queer Apps to chose from but the ones that we do have are being removed from the App store

Google Hornet LGBT Censorship

Hornet said Google often employed moderators in Malaysia, where same-sex relationships are illegal, to vet apps.

A rival gay dating app told the BBC that it had also been blocked globally by moderators based in the country.

Google said it did not comment on individual apps but denied that the company was anti-LGBT.

Christof Wittig, chief executive of Hornet, said he was concerned that moderators in Malaysia had the power to “remove LGBT apps worldwide, without warning”, given the country’s stance on LGBT rights.

Mr Wittig said the practice felt like “selective enforcement” against LGBT-focused apps.


That article from August goes on to say that Googles algorithms are flagging keywords that include ‘gay’ and ‘homosexual’.

Google Scruff LGBT Censorship

Prior to Hornet being removed from the App store another gay app was removed in January of this year.

In the wake of Out’s initial report and inquiries questioning the inclusion of kissing and hugging as things that can not appear in profile photos, Scruff has changed their policy. After revealing that Scruff had been removed from an app store earlier this year (which “would have been devastating to our company and our community,”) company CEO Eric Silverberg wrote in an update that the company has “clarified our policy by removing references to hugging and kissing — it is specifically sexually suggestive embraces that may not align with app store guidelines.” New bans on photos including jockstraps, underwear or bikini-style apparel still remain.


Hard to believe in 2019 we are seeing more LGBTQ censorship than we have seen decades prior.

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