Google Adsense Flagging LGBT Website Content

Google Adsense

I thought I was the only one having problems with Adsense… but a quick ‘Google Search’ reveals that it’s definitely not just website. I have an Adsense account running on this site for about two years.

I found this going back to October of 2012.

Someone responded on the forum

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen anti-LGBT political ads via Google, yet our LGBT-friendly newspaper website is not acceptable. Seems discriminatory on the part of Google, which is supposedly a progressive company.


It looks like they eventually got their account running.

On this particular site Adsense wasn’t making very much money to be honest. But the LGBT community shouldn’t be excluded. It repeatedly got flagged for different sections even though it hadn’t been updated. Like clockwork the ‘restrictions’ would be removed only to come back a few days afterward.

I scanned the content and requested a review. At first the ‘violation notices’ were removed only to have the entire site ‘restricted’ the day after. Again I requested a review and I received a quick response that my site was still in violation. They don’t give you a specific example.. just that you are in violation.

BuzzFeed LGBT Censorship Article

In this BuzzFeed article from January 2019 a Lesbian website is having the same problems that I had

When we’ve been in ad networks like Google AdSense we’ve had to block and set up plug-ins, so they don’t run in pretty much half of our content because they don’t want to be anywhere near sex,” Bernard said. “It’s incredibly frustrating to be rejected for ads because of our content being too sexual and having too much sex in it, and meanwhile Cosmo can do whatever and get huge ad sales from big brands. They can even write about queer sex, and their lesbian sex articles have overtaken ours in SEO results a lot of the time.”


The irony is that I have seen Adsense running on other websites that link to hardcore adult websites. Banners and all !

Anyway, it’s unfortunate that Google has become like this. Google used to be a very different company.

Some employees said they were recruited on the notion they’d be able to change the world with a free and open-thinking channel to management and products. But over the last year, those ideals no longer seem tenable, workers said.

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