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Gif Gallery – Volume – 9

Handsome Male Models During Exclusive Photoshoots with some good looking models with other men some shirtless others are making out with their co-stars

Amateur Male Models Buck, Evan & Preston

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Buck and Evan were both anxious to see Evan in the new photoshoot. There really wasn’t much in the way of photography at all. Before they knew it, the guys were all talking with each other.

Amateur Male Models Mikey, Sam & Walden

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Firefighter Mikey can barely wait to show off. Shortly after, he tugs his shirt off of his strong and furry chest. With the excitement growing, Sam can’t wait to get his lips on the young cadet. Using the manners he learned in the Marine Corps, Sam gives Walden more than a hand.

Amateur Male Models Danny R & Nathan

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Nathan’s in his element and moans from the exquisite pleasure with his new friend and model! He turns to face his buddy but Danny has other plans.

Amateur Male Models  Josh’s & Travis

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

While taking his shirt off over the bed by Josh – Travis goes to take a look at his muscles.

Amateur Male Models Kev

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Kev applies some oil to his hairy chest and rubs it into his rock solid abs, then massages his very hairy legs. He does some warm up exercising to warm up.


Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Randall is one of the few red heads they had on their website and they are sure you all remember him from his debut video a few years back.

Couch Party

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Aiden and Dylan went to the party to relax and prepare to shoot a scene for them to make a little fun on the side, but once these models threw back a few shots, they couldn’t wait to start dancing.

Jared & Connor

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Jared and Connor do whatever they wanted to do here and feed off of one another. The only thing we knew at the outset was that Connor was going to end up getting some more modelling jobs. Other than that, it was up to them how to make that happen.

Zane Reynolds

Handsome Male Model Animated Gif

Zane stretches before he lies down and go right to work, getting rid of all the stress he must have from riding the waves and basking in the warm Southern California sun all day. OK, so this dude is pretty relaxed to begin with.

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