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Gif Gallery – Volume – 11

British male models Thomas and Dj who is wearing a Mickey Mouse Shirt appear. Fitness model Rocco takes off his shirt. Also check out shaggy hair Nicolas.


Amateur Male Model Nicolas

Handsome Male Model Gif

Check it out as Nicolas gets his young body shirtless then lets loose with a nice smile. He was happy showing off his body for their cameras. In fact they got the impression he was quite proud of himself. He has shaggy hair and is wearing a black necklace. We just get a glimpse of his body which appears to be thin and smooth judging from the gif.

Amateur Male Model DJ

Handsome Male Model Gif

They could’ve left him just like that and still filmed him because he is a cute model. But then they thought a few of you might want him totally shirtless! He isn’t the noisiest of people but he sure looks good when he’s modelling. DJ rolls around the bed for a bit, stands up, then lays back. He is wearing a Micky Mouse Christmas shirt that he takes off during the gif. He tosses it to the side and shows off his smooth lean build. Again, this model appears to be in his early twenties.

Amateur Male Model Rocco

Handsome Male Model Gif

Rocco takes off his shirt in what looks to be a hotel room. This body builder and fitness model then rubs his massive chest with the white shirt. He is wearing a pair of suit pants in the scene. His body is impressive and he must work out everyday to achieve those results.

Amateur Male Model Thomas

Handsome Male Model Gif

Good looking British model Thomas puts on a brilliant show – he has a unique technique but it clearly pushes all the right buttons for him! He slows it down and really plays with his shirt before throwing it aside. Perching on the edge of the room and the sensations become too much. He appears to be in his early twenties with a lean build. Seems to have a slight bit of chest hair that we can see after he takes off his shirt. He smiles during the entire video later on.

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