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Gif Gallery – Volume – 10

Jordan & Johnny, Brad, Zack plus Trystan all male models.  Mostly they are all taking off their shirts in photo productions. All were in the mid-twenties at the time


Amateur Male Model Trystan

Handsome Male Models Animated Gif

The best thing about getting to the place early, as far as this male model is concerned, is that there is usually no one there, so he gets the run of the place for himself. This give him certain opportunities, like no waiting on the weights, getting to play whatever music as loud as he wants, and of course, his favorite part of the workout, the cool down. And as everyone knows the early bird gets the workout, but in his case, the early bird gets the place all to himself.

Amateur Male Model Brad

Handsome Male Models Animated Gif

Brad is done with another long hard day at work out in the fields, and now it’s time to kick back, relax, maybe knock back a beer or two while on his tractor. While sitting out in the sun, he sips his cold beer and unwinds with his shirt open. The sun feels so good, and beer tastes really good, and the day has been so stressful, that before he knows it, he’s having a great time all by himself. So he decides to model right there and have himself a one man tractor show.

Amateur Male Models Jordan & Johnny

Handsome Male Models Animated Gif

Johnny finally gets the chance to meet a new friend Jordan, and to pass along a cool kilt for him to wear at a party the next night. In order to really test out the garment, though, Jordan has to take it off and let Johnny see him taking off his shirt. Sure, that doesn’t make much sense — but it makes for some mighty fine viewing as he shows off his body

Amateur Male Models Zack

Handsome Male Models Animated Gif

Zack drew a warm bath and removed his shirt slowly, admiring himself in the mirror. Then he cautiously dipped himself into the water. You’ll want to see this sexy, dark-haired hunk start his day. He has dark brown hair with a nicely toned smooth body. He seems very comfortable with himself.

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