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Gay Straight Bisexual Male Models Show Off

Male Model Jason

Handsome Male Model

Model Jason’s pictures were submitted but no information about him. He was one of the few white guys that were posted on a site that featured a lot of latino models. Judging by the pictures it looks like he trims his chest hair. He has a nicely trimmed bit of facial hair as well.

Male Model Kent

Handsome Male Model

“Kent’s a cutie.” is all the information that was sent.. about Kent. Yes.. he is a cute guy. He has that boyfriend material look about him.

Male Model Tomas

Handsome Male Model

Boy can Tomas shoot his good looks towards the camera. They flew right past his chiseled abs, past his nicely defined pecs and hit the sofa above his head!! Oh, and did they mention he’s very cute, too?

Male Model Addison

Handsome Male Model

Addison is a 26 male model and swims 3x’s a week and also works out regularly. He has a very hot toned fitness body and apparently has an equally hot boyfriend.

Male Models Damon & Eddie

Handsome Male Model

Damon gets a visit from his model buddy Eddie. They seem very familiar with each other in these poses. Perhaps they are boyfriends?

Male Model Erick

Handsome Male Model

24 year old model Erick just loved showing off his hot body and delicious good looks for the photographers cameras.

Male Model Gabe

Handsome Male Model

Model Gabe is about as sexy as they get. This model stud’s got an amazing ripped body (amazing abs!) and hot body and a near perfect kissable lips.

Male Models Joe & Alen

Handsome Male Model

These models are both hot and enjoy each others company. We see them relaxing together on the sofa.

Male Model Lane

Handsome Male Model

Model Lane is 26, works out regularly and jogs daily.

Male Model Trey

Handsome Male Model

Trey has a hard & defined body and a great looking face. He smiles through his entire photosession.

Male Model Victor

Handsome Male Model

Victor was filling in for their normal pool man and they were very tempted by his latin good looks. He’s only 22, studying physical education and is native of Mexico City.

Male Model Luc

Handsome Male Model
Luc’s always been a big show off so everyone is focusing on him. This model’s got an amazing body, irresistable smile and a great face.

Male Model Vince

Handsome Male Model

No information was submitted about this dark haired model who goes by Vince.

Male Model Nate

Handsome Male Model

Another model called Nate with no information submitted. But who needs it when you can just look at his pictures. Very good looking and shines on camera. He seems to enjoy showing off his amazing back tattoo.

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