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Gay Model Themed Soap Opera Storyline

Gay Model Themed Soap Opera Storyline

Where handsome male models get into intrigue and deception for this spoof of daytime serials with queer LGBT themes


A mysterious drifter arrives at the Wet Palms apartment complex, searching for a man he’s never met. The loner has no idea that within a year he’ll be gracing the covers of magazines from Forbes to Freshmen. Or that within this idyllic apartment complex he’ll become entangled in lies, deception and back-stabbing power plays.

Welcome to the world of Wet Palms, a gay guest house retreat owned and operated by the Jett brothers. There’s omniscient power hungry J.P. the head of a huge pharmaceutical company, Simon the ruthless editor of JETTset magazine and Randall the sensitive black sheep of the family. In between the steamy scenes, the characters of this seedy soap opera find plenty of time to cheat on their boyfriends, suffer prophetic dreams, blackmail and murder each other.

Dynasty never had it so good! I’ve always been a fan of entertainment with a storyline, no matter how flimsy it was. Seems I wasn’t the only one. Jet Set Productions’ Brett Drysdale teamed up to create hot entertainment with a coherent narrative and fleshed out characters. Add to the mix Michael Stabile and Jack Shamama, two writers who cut their teeth on daytime serials and primetime cliffhangers, and Wet Palms was born.
The cast’s a virtual who’s who in the gay industry. While the acting may be a little hokey and wooden at times this is a camp classic in the making.

With intense promotion and interactive website we could be looking at the next hot thing in gay entertainment. Premiering each new “webisode” first on the net, where you can buy a membership to download them, and then selling releasing them to the public in boxed three-episode sets, Wet Palms seems to be gaining in popularity and momentum.
So come on down to the pool and join the gang; Steer clear of the three feuding brothers, don’t mind the dead pool boy and be careful who you sleep with, Wet Palms is a rollercoaster ride of over-the-top drama.

Episode Synopsis


“Who is Lucky Hanson?” (WP101)
Lucky Hanson, a brooding, mysterious drifter, arrives at Wet Palms looking for clues to his past. The locals are suspicious of the new arrival.


“Working Hard for the Money” (WP102)
While waiting for Randall to return to Wet Palms, Brady keeps Lucky busy with work at Wet Palms in exchange for room and board. Tripp fills Lucky in on the history of Wet Palms and the powerful Jett brothers – omniscient businessman J.P., fearsome magazine editor Simon and black sheep Randall.


“Relationships of Mass Destruction” (WP103)
Simon successfully blackmails an addled Peter Dune with incriminating photos of Peter and Todd Marlowe. Simon upbraids Tucker for not developing the photos himself, and Tucker, assuming the worst, begins packing up his desk.


“The (Au) Natural” (WP104)
Tucker has his hands full convincing boyfriend Peter Dune that he isn’t cheating on him with Lucky Hanson But Peter’s dreams hold the secret and they’re getting more intense by the day


“A Not-So-Simple Plan” (WP105)
A blonde body floating face down in the pool leaves Brady Littleton all-wet – and still missing a pool-boy. Visiting guest Will Clark (as himself) checks in and makes an unusual demand – peace and quiet.


“Family Reunion, Pt. I”(WP106)
A dazed and confused Brady Littleton tries to ready Wet Palms for Randall’s arrival only to find an ominous legal notice — and Simon and JP Jett assessing the property.


“Family Reunion, Pt. II”(WP107)
Brady’s downward spiral of addiction intensifies as he prepares to claim the existence of yet another Jett heir. Housekeeper Mona Lott surfaces after a stint at Betty Ford and helps Brady do some reconnaissance on handsome drifter Lucky Hanson. Meanwhile, publisher Simon Jett moves into Wet Palms as part of a plan to reclaim the family estate, irking recently returned brother Randall who finds comfort in a figure from his past.


“Separate Lives” (WP108)
Tucker Bang discovers a new lead on the Jettphetermine scandal – thanks to a discovery by Joey Pole – and finds a willing Deep Throat in corporate cop Andonis Alexandros. 
Master manipulator JP Jett takes a prying Tucker under his wing, but takes a few extra precautions regarding would-be Jett heir (and Bubble cover model) Lucky Hanson. After a discussion with the new pool boy Trey, Mona Lott stages an intervention with Brady, who has hit bottom – even for a bottom.


Party of the Year” (WP109)
The residents of Wet Palms prepare themselves for publisher Simon Jett’s “Man of the Year” party. Chase Walker makes a move on model Lucky Hanson, but Lucky has problems with the terms of Walker’s contract. 
Back at Wet Palms, Mona and Tucker attempt to bring Randall up-to-date on Brady and Simon’s involvement in the growing scandals while JP Jett takes some drastic measures to keep it silent. The police and FBI close in on a suspect at the “Man of the Year” party as a gun shot brings down a member of the Wet Palms family …

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