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Gay Amateur Model Random Collection

Amateur Male Model Doug Clark

Handsome face and tight body are just the beginning of the list of charms that Doug brings to the program. Despite his gentle manner, Doug comes after two weeks of being released from his spring training.

Amateur Male Model Joey

Amateur Male Model

Joey has certainly become one of the more popular studs. Give every one a closer look at that beautiful body of his. In case you were curious just how tight this guys body really is his, take a look as they struggle to find flaws.

Amateur Male Model Max

Amateur Male Model

Max is in many ways the perfect model but don’t be fooled: turn him around and you’ll see a devil’s tail! He’s a sweetheart in real life and a demon as well. Max moved from a small town to New York City to work in fashion merchandising, but he’s definitely not your average city guy: his style and personality are 100% unique.

Amateur Male Model

Max once said, “You don’t have to have tattoos to be a bad boy.” When it comes to this guy, truer words have never been spoken!

Amateur Male Model Drew

Amateur Male Model

Finely chiselled where they look best. Peal back the layers and get inside and there is one hell of a surprise! This model is just over 6’2 with muscles that are just perfectly proportioned and everything is awesome; his photo shoot is all about Drew getting a massage.

These straight rugby players do like being the center of attention !

Amateur Male Model Droopy

This hot Puerto Rican is cool sexy and very collected. He is so down to earth and easy to get along with. When they asked him to do a photoshoot he said he would rather keep things on the down low. But he would love to do it.


Birthplace – San Juan Age 24 Birthdate December 26th (Capricorn) Height 5′ 10″ Weight …
Orientation Bi – Top

Turn Ons….
Turned on by smooth men with no hair.
Turn Offs…
I don’t like hairy men at all. Actually, I guess body hair in general is a turn off.

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