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Florida Based Male Models Photographed Shirtless

Florida Based Male Models Photographed Shirtless in Photo Collages featuring men of various backgrounds as they pose for 2 cameraman in Miami on sailboat

Male Model from Florida Mike

Florida Based Male Model Gif

Miami male model does push ups in this animated gif. He seemed to love the attention, and was not shy about doing some flexing. He puts a quick show for the videographer just before the photoshoot began.

Male Models from Florida Joelle & Ricky

Florida Based Male Model Photo

These muscle models couldn’t wait to get out of their clothes and show off their bodies. We find them out at sea with the blue background against their tanned bodies. Joelle and Ricky seem very happy to show off during this amazing picture montage. The weather must be a factor in where they decide to shoot in or outside.

Male Model from Florida Jay

Florida Based Male Model Photo

The cameramen nearly passed out when male model Jay backed his bubble-butt up to their cameras. The 2 camera guys were fighting to get the closest look. We can see why as this is a very attractive model with dark eyes and a great body.

Male Model from Florida Borec

Florida Based Male Model Photo

This model came to interview with the cameramen. His blue eyes had them under a trance before they even saw his toned body. He has short blonde hair and an earring in one ear. He has a very soulful look to him.

Male Model from Florida Harry

Florida Based Male Model Photo

Watch this handsome, hairy model as he slowly strips out of his shirt and sits on the floor. This is one of the hairiest models that was ever on the site. They even nicknamed him Harry. He seems to enjoy the attention as he casually shows off his furry chest.

Male Model from Florida Gio

Florida Based Male Model Photo
Another slightly furry chest model who goes by Gio. They decided to photograph him in the cabin of their boat. Perhaps the weather wasn’t so great on this day.

Male Model from Florida Christopher

Florida Based Male Model Photo

This handsome model seduces them into the barn before he removes his shirt. These photos were obviously taken inside a barn. A departure from the sailboat.

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