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Famous Celebrities Talking About Gay Men

Famous Celebrities Talking About Gay Men & what they think of them.  Some of the quotes from famous and not so famous people have said about the LGBTQ community to the media in their own words. Interesting to read what they said:


Who said what:

“I’ve had gay friends throughout my life and have enjoyed their friendship very much. And I came to realize that everyone is human and that sexual orientation really has nothing to do with anything. Knowing gay people definitely prevents homophobia. Friends are friends. I had two gay friends in the world of wrestling that were together 41 years. Unfortunately, one of them passed on. But when one was ill, the other was never allowed to be by his bed in the hospital. That was very inhumane.”

— Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura to The Advocate.


“You know the reason why I think I inspire a lot of female impersonators? Because it’s not difficult to try to look like me! Put on a nice, big fluffy wig and lots of eye makeup. It’s such a blessing for me to know that gay people really like me

— Diana Ross to the Advocate.


“Here relationships are very intense, over-powering and violently sexual. The emotional content is in short bursts which can be exhausting. The durable ones are ones where the sex part has been got over with. My past lovers are either great friends or bitter enemies. Also things here are never kept secret. Confidentiality is alien to our culture.”

— Indian gay activist Asbok Row. Kavi to Badpuppy.

“(The media) are driving me into becoming a spokesperson for transsexual issues. Whether I like it or not, they ask questions and I am answering. But I don’t want to carry anyone’s flag, and as for human rights… I do not like to deal with titles, this community or that community. I think we are all in the human-being community. So why divide us? I would like people to deal with freedom, not just homosexuals and transsexuals, because I would like people to not deal with sexuality, just with intelligence and personalities of human beings.”

— Transsexual Israeli pop diva Dana International to
Australia’s Melbourne Star Observer.

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“I don’t think their condition is beyond change. There’s ample evidence to show change can occur. I think it has occurred. My heart reaches out to these people. A lot of wonderful, fine people among this group. I have nothing but love for them and concern for them, and we want to help them. But can we do so? It’s when they violate their moral standards, which are the same for them as they are for everybody else, that we take some disciplinary action. Now, that’s all there is to it, just that simple.”

— Mormon church president Gordon B. Hinckley, talking
 about homosexuals, to theLos Angeles Times.


They said that

“I do get the occasional letter from some guy in Canada describing how he’d like to bounce his balls off my forehead or something. Other than that, people are pretty cool.”

— Brad Pitt, talking about his sex symbol image, to E! Online.

“Increasingly, I think, the barriers we see when we come out are internal and psychological and our own doing. I think there’s so much that’s possible for us now, that sometimes we don’t realize it because we’re just so in love with our own limited horizons because of the complaining rights it gives us … There’s a lot of gay men and lesbians out there with very childish, idiotic, cloying, stupid, unre; flective ideas about what being gay is all about. ”

—- Gay syndicated columnist Dan Savage to the Chicago Free Press..

“I think if you gay bash all your life, when you die God bends you over a big chair.”

— Radio host Howard Stern morning show.

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“Going into a gay bar expecting to meet another single guy and
 start a healthy relationship is like arranging a commitment ceremony on Rentboy. . Bars are all about red lights, dark urinals, and
 married gay guys getting woozy and trying to forget their mealy
 relationships with neat-freak friends.”

Out magazine columnist Mike Albo.

“Look, I’m not your average man in his 50s. I don’t have the gray hair slicked back, I don’t have glasses on. I’m not in a coat and tie. My persona was always what a man was never supposed to be: outrageous, gregarious, crazy, silly, runny. But my mother told me … ‘Never change, be who you are, do the good things that you do and … let them think whatever they want

—— Richard Simmons when asked if he is gay.

“I’m sure it [being openly gay wasn’t the same like a few years
ago, like Martina Navratilova has said. I think people are growing
in their minds. I’m coming from today, so I don’t know what it
would hai»e been a few – I think, of course, I benefit from what they did.’

— Lesbian French Mauresmo to The New York

“Gay men are much more interested in casual, outdoor, kinky, extramarital, pornographic, and intergradational sex than are lesbians. In general, lesbians are seen as flouting convention only by reason of who they – love: gay men flout convention with every gory detail of their sex lives. No wonder some lesbians accuse gay men of sabotaging the whole queer enterprise by their public deviance, while some gay men accuse lesbians of taking the sex out of homosexuality.”

— Syndicated columnist Simon LeVay.

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