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Lately Instagram has been removing accounts of adult entertainers even though they aren’t posting any adult content. A lot of them are saying that they post less of their bodies than celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Ms Evans’ group has collected a list of more than 1,300 performers who claim that their accounts have been deleted by Instagram’s content moderators for violations of the site’s community standards, despite not showing any nudity or sex.


That BBC article from November details what they have experienced. One entertainer who died in September had her account deleted. Jessica Jaymes had 900K followers. They did reinstate her account after complaints.

Kim regularly posts images like this without any problems with censors. She even has a sex tape..

Wired Censorship Article

This recent article on Wired explains how Big Tech companies increasing their censorship.

The tech giant refutes any accusation of blatant erasure. “We would never disable an account simply because it’s run by a sex worker,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “A sex worker may have an Instagram account provided they don’t violate our policies.”


Gay Adult Entertainers

Gay Amateur Male Models
Skyy & Joaquim Gay Amateur Male Models

Skyy Knox a familiar entertainer to almost every gay man had his account deleted in September. His only offence appears to be posting a picture of his butt. Two months later and his account is back.

Michael Roman has his account at the same time and he appears to be permanently banned from the platform.

Jacen Zhu who describes himself as a “Black Queer Activist. HIV Treatment/Prevention Advocate” also had his account removed from Instagram.

He appears to be looking at the bright side of the situation.

Free the Nipple

It’s hard to see that Instagram will change any of their policies in the future. They still refuse to let people express themselves.

Newton said that if Instagram’s content reviewers have context signaling that a user identifies as a man or nonbinary (for example, if the user states their pronouns), nipple exposure is allowed. And if a transgender woman posts an image of their exposed nipples, Instagram will remove it.

But Instagram is not showing any signs of relaxing its general ban on female nipples. So artists have begun to factor that into their work, even as #freethenipple lives on.

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