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Dustin, Princeton & Justin Photos Gifs

Princeton & Justin Beefcake Models

On a cold winter morning, all Princeton really wants is to light a fire and warm up, but something’s wrong with the chimney chute, so he asks roomie Justin for some help. Justin’s not really interested in the chimney chute but he’s more than willing to warm Princeton up with something else.

Andy Beefcake Model

When guys tell the photograph they smile a lot, He pulls back a little so he don’t miss anything by being too close, but they weren’t prepared for the assault from Andy’s face. It’s only April and his smile of the year contest has an indisputable winner, unless any of you know of a challenger?

Mitch & Dustin Beefcake Models

Mitch is sick and tired of crappy customer service, so when Dustin shows up with another mis-order, Mitch decides he’s going to get service one way or another! But Don’t Shoot the Messenger !

Cam Beefcake Model

Young Cam is sort of an “all-Canadian” beefcake next door type. He seems like the kind of hunk you could be proud to bring home to meet your mother. He’s polite, well spoken, modest, does well in school and plays a lot of sports. What more could you ask for? Well, for one thing you could ask for a smoking’ hot natural body. And you could ask for the world’s most perfectly shaped face. You get all of these in the package that is Cam.

Johnny Beefcake Model

Johnny is a shaggy tatted up hipster rocker with hairy legs and a love for his own body. He’s a dirty talker and as he squeezes his arms he tells you to come and lick his them. All his nasty talk gets him agitated. He loves to play for the camera and show off all his tattoos.

Chance Beefcake Model

Chance kicks off his beat-up sneakers and wiggles his toes as the camera comes in for a brilliant close-up of his amazing little feet. Capturing every detail of his perfect male feet as he concentrates on his foot. His plump little toes curl and flex as he works himself. He looks up at the camera with a cocky grin as if to say, “What else do you need?”

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