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Divine Collection Art Models Revealed

Divine Collection Art Models Revealed in stunning LGBT Photo Gallery + Gifs. All guys enjoy modelling for their fans and hope you enjoy their photoshoots.

Freddy Guy Next Door Shirtless

There’s no better way to start your Wednesday afternoon than to fantasize about this mega cutie! After remaining celibate for a year, Freddy unleashed his wild side to explore his body and become more adventurous in his encounters. He loves a good book and with a face like that, who could refuse it?!

Admiration Ready Andy

Hot and sexy Andy always dreamed of having loads of guys check out his body, and now he can finally live out his fantasy with everyone looking at him on the internet.

Angelo Shows Lean Long Physique

Get a load of this hunky heartthrob named Angelo. Angelo’s dark hair and blue eyes combo would bring any man to the yard, especially when his shirt slides down to show off his otterly-amazing body… what a dream! He seems like great boyfriend material.

Three Beefy Dudes Having Fun

Hans, Spencer, and Sean are revved up and ready for all the party and play they can get. The three make out in a circle until Sean caves to his desires and has a great time with his new friends.

Big Bad Model Brent

They finished up “Big N Bad” with a photo session with Brent sitting on the edge of the bed, doing his final shot and beaming a huge smile all over the room.

Art Model Sven Basquiat

Continuing with Benno Thoma’s photo sets from Colombia in South America. They now have Sven Basquiat to show everyone what he has got. Though you may have seen Sven in action many times, this is his first photoset. They hope you enjoy his Art Collection Image debut.

Odd Encounter Dante & David

Walking through the parking garage on the way up to his apartment, Dante thinks he sees what appears to be a man struggling in his car, perhaps having some kind of medical issue. The man exits his car and follows just a few moments behind. When Dante makes it to his apartment he thinks he’s in the clear but a quick knock on the door lets him know he’ll have to confront this.

Dante suggests that maybe David would like to come inside. David jumps at the chance and quickly he and Dante make their way back to the bedroom. Once there, Dante showers David with attention, undressing him and laying his sculpted body down on the bed. Dante then proceeds to give David the best kiss he’s had in quite some time. David, already infatuated as hell, returns the favor before flipping Dante over.

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