David, Roberto & Matthias Photos Gifs

Markie & David Beefcake Models

When he hears a knock at the door, the last thing Markie expected to see was David, but the fact that David has come back into town is just the beginning of the surprises in store for Markie. David confesses to secretly having a crush on Markie when they were growing up. Markie lets David know he thought about it all the time as well. With all their secrets out in the open, the two of them can finally bond in a way they have both been craving. They act on their love before their better judgment talks them out of it. It’s a reunion years in the making when these two finally get together.

Roberto & Matthias Beefcake Models

Roberto Giorgio and Matthias Vannelli need no introduction: Roberto is perhaps the most popular hunk to come out of Hungary, Matthias the best known Italian stallion. Together they make for the perfect muscle duo.

Brian Bennet Beefcake Model

They dug into the archives and pulled out an amazing photo set of the sexy, muscly Brian. Brian is this weeks Pin-Up of the week and get to know every inch of his hot ripped muscle body. Look into his beautiful green eyes.

Vadim & Harris Beefcake Models

Vadim & Harris have a connection with one another that is something special. Alone on a secluded beach, they enjoy the moment enmeshed with one another passionately kissing. Harris is ready for more and leads his muscled buddy back to their place.

Cody & Johnny, Randy Beefcake Models

Cody is just chillin’ out, sending a few tweets while his pal Johnny plays air hockey with a new friend of Cody’s, Randy. Johnny gets bored playing without stakes, so he suggests the two play for a prize.

Sean Beefcake Model

Ever since Sean first appeared on in January everybody has been asking ‘when is he coming back’? Well – he is back! And now you can wake up with our Hungarian blonde hunk and follow his bulky masculine body through every inch of his morning routine. See him lather up those big hairy pecs in the shower, dress in his sexy pimped up suit. Can you imagine waking up with this man every day. Well, we did our best to make that fantasy come true

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