Czech Accountant Turns Beefcake Model

Cuddle Session Gay Amateur Men

Guys having a cuddle session on sofa you can almost taste the tension as we watch both models getting feels of love

Kayden Gay Amateur Male Model

Kayden has last drag on his cigarette because he made a resolution to quit this year. Soon regrets getting out because it made him want to have a smoke. Smoking his last drag on toxic cigarette & starting to feel restless. Just the thought of being to subjected to his life’s demands continues his escape to freedom.

Ricky & Colby Gay Amateur Male Models

It’s ‘open massage Wednesday’ at the office and Ricky is the masseuse on hand. Colby visits Ricky to get rid of some tension in his back on the massage table. He is embarrassed and tries to leave but Ricky takes it to the next level and offers up his muscle-riddled body. Colby is receptive.

Trevor & Carter Gay Amateur Male Models

Trevor’s known Carter for a few years now. Carter is a little bit older than Trevor and works with his dad, so it’s not uncommon for him to be over. But with no one else at home, Carter tells Trevor that he knows his secret. One of the things he misses most about his college days was getting to play around. All the blood rushes to Trevor’s head as Carter makes his way closer and leads him to the bedroom. Trevor has fantasized before but Carter has been his ultimate fantasy since Day 1. He now he finds himself having his way with him.

Will Gay Amateur Male Model

They first met Will in 2017 with his casting, so they are happy to bring him back for this photo session. Sometimes models lead exciting lives, being into adrenaline sports or other risky activities, other times they have jobs that fuel of fantasies, builder, forester, policeman. Will isn’t either of these, he is just a very sexy accountant from the 2nd largest city in the Czech Republic. Tall, muscled with a brooding sexy look and nice, attractive body. The pictures are by resident photographer.

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