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Cute Queer Good Friends Hanging Out

Ben Statham Gay Amateur Male Model

This stud really loves hot talk and he loves talking about his adventures, turning himself on as he thinks of all the guys he’s dated.

Danny Star Gay Amateur Male Model

Danny’s smouldering looks and luscious lips are just the start of a long list of attractions. He has boyish good looks but is a total man.

Will Gay Amateur Male Model

Brown-haired, tall, and toned Will lives in the Northeast, and he’s a pretty busy 22-year-old juggling school, work, and his beloved dog. ‘I’m single right now, but important relationship qualities for me would be someone trustworthy, leads an active lifestyle like me”

Brock & Manny Gay Amateur Male Models

Beefy hunk Brock is on his way to pick up athletic cutie Manny for a quick warm-up at the gym before the real workout begins. ‘I think you need to take your shirt off for me,’ insists Brock. ‘I think you need to take your shirt off for me, but I’ll be a gentleman and go first,’ says Manny as he removes his top. ‘Oh my! I think we’re going to get a good workout in today!’ remarks Brock as he takes in a topless Manny. Brock follows suit, and Manny could not be more excited. ‘Look at you! Goddamn! replies Manny.

Pour Your Sugar On Me

Hot sticky sweet. Pour Some Sugar on these guys. Cheesy video number unknown. Just trying something different. All these men are very sexy – too sexy for shirts.

Alan & Antony Gay Amateur Male Models

Sometimes relationships are all about compromise. Alan may snore, hog the blanket and steal the pillow, but all seems fine for Antony as long as Alan is happy to prepare a nice healthy breakfast. Unfortunately for Alan, and just like Old Mother Hubbard, this morning the cupboard seems to be bare.

Brodie Gay Amateur Male Model

He wasn’t even worried at all about getting caught out by the office workers in the office blocks surrounding the building. He quickly wriggled out of his gear and proceeded to show off his lean body.

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