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Cute Couple Cooking Lovers Delight

Collin & Josh Gay Amateur Male Models

It’s Valentine’s Day and Collin is sulking, waiting for his workaholic man, Josh to get home from the office. When Josh finally rolls in wearing the hell out of a suit and tie but, empty handed, naturally Collin assumes he forgot about Valentine’s. Brady eggs Adams on a bit, teasing the twink and acting like he hasn’t a clue what day it is. Their playful chemistry is super cute; and, when Brady brings flowers in, the Valentine’s Day romance blooms with a bang! The couple kiss then, Collin makes his way downtown to say I love you. Keeping the romance going, Brady bastes his guys’s smooth body in kisses everywhere.

Matt Gay Amateur Male Model

Matt is a model with a very easy going and sunny disposition, quick to smile and laugh at every opportunity, but also with the ability to look intensely sexy when he needs to. While not a regular at the gym like some of the other models, Matt does spend time keeping in shape when he needs to, but would much rather be outdoors or having fun with cars. He is here in front of resident photographer Eliot Klien in their Budapest studio.

Paul & Niko Gay Amateur Male Models

It’s Valentine‘s morning and Paul and Niko have a sweet treat planned for each other to celebrate the occasion. They had asked the guys to film themselves making chocolates for each other. Little did they expect that the director would allow them to cover themselves in it as well, without a thought to what it may look like on film!! anyhow, it gave the guys a good excuse to shower together as well and ended up with quite a bit more than expected. Happy Belated Valentine !

Gay Amateur Male Model Vintage Movie


This gay video is very well put together with superior production values and plenty of larger-than-life close-ups.

“Man, I needed that,” he says. Yep, it’s the end of just another day for your “friendly neighborhood beat cop.”

Beat Cop was awarded Best Movie in 1991 by Adult Video News!

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