Cute Couple Celebrates

Zack Amateur Male Model

Zack’s first audition is now revisited by its creator with more footages and never-seen point of views. A must see for all Zack’s fan!

Max Gay Amateur Male Model

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Max is in many ways the perfect guy. When you first look at him, with his slim, toned body and swoon-worthy smile, you can almost see a halo hovering over his styled blond hair. But don’t be fooled: turn him around and you’ll see a devil’s tail! He’s a sweetheart in real life and a demon. Max moved from a small town to NYC to work in fashion, but he’s definitely not your average city boy. His style and personality are 100% unique. He once said, “You don’t have to have tattoos to be a bad boy.” When it comes to Max, truer words have never been spoken!

Drew Amateur Male Model

From time to time they come across lads like Drew; built the size of a stately home, finely chiselled, hairy bits where they look best and peal back the layers and get inside and there is one hell of a surprise! Drew is just over 6’3 with muscles that are just perfectly proportioned and everything is hard.

Joey Amateur Male Model

Joey has certainly become one of their more popular studs at the Ranch. They thought it would be nice to give every one a closer look at that beautiful body of his. Just in case you were curious just how tight this guys really is, take a look. You will get a close look of every inch of this gorgeous specimen and all in some amazing positions. Joey makes sure he leaves everyone completely satisfied.

Austin & Zane Gay Amateur Male Models

Many people doubted them and told them that they couldn’t do it. Today they celebrate the completion of our their 1st year in business! Today is a very special day and they couldn’t have done it without support! When they think about how far they have come and all that they have accomplished. They thought it would be fun to reminisce and go back to the first time ever saw each other… with some balloons! They are so grateful that so many of you have welcomed them into your lives and can’t wait to see what our 2nd year will bring!

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