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Classic Male Models from February 4, 2008

Handsome Male Models photos from various websites

More Models from Upper Left Clockwise.

More Models from Upper Left Clockwise.


1) Model called Jeremy Walker who had done any modeling before this. The guy looks like a Greek statue come to life. He does and he would later go on to many more photoshoots. His body is perfect and the photographer did a great job capturing him. He looks like he has a very natural body.

2) Model called Rick Hammersmith from Calgary, Alberta. He would do modelling by answering ads whenever he was in another city. He did a lot of work for different sites in the late 2000’s.

3) Simply called “The English Teacher”. The original text “friend Shaw goes in for parent/teacher conferences with Mr. O’Connor expecting to learn the new English curriculum at the School.” Never saw this guy do anymore modelling after this photo set.

4) Models Rj and Kai. Rj did a few more photoshoots after this but Kai would later go on to star in a lot more productions. He eventually directed a few of his own.


 Clip of Model Jeremy

handsome male model photo

Original teaser clip with this stunning model Jeremy. He flirts with the camera in his white underwear as they zoom in on his muscular body. As you can see he was it incredible shape. He has since retired from modelling.

From another defunct website from the 2000’s. This was from the original teaser clip. Here is the original blurb about the scene. “Alexi is back for a scene, and the match is perfect: Josh, a straight-acting, muscle-pumping, hockey-loving guy. They watch a bit of Canada’s national sport on TV before getting it on with Canada’s second national sport.”

Another typical scene from another clip where one model is supposedly straight and the other is gay.. And guess what happens next.

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