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Handsome male model articles. Feature length reviews, interviews and articles are what we have in this category. Most of the posts will feature some of the male models.

The interviews are with webmasters who are producers of various male model websites. They are very happy to promote themselves and give an account about what it is like to work with a lot of the models.

In the future we hope to add some interviews with the models themselves. Most of the guys tend not to open up about themselves once they have finished a photoshoot.

The reviews are again of male model websites that have many good looking guys whether they are gay straight or bisexual. We review them frankly and give you what we believe to be an accurate assessment of the product.

Other articles are just related to various male communities, again it doesn’t matter if its gay straight or bisexual

Handsome male models

Handsome Beefcake Models at Film Festival

Handsome Beefcake Models at Film Festival with interview by director. Male models in that film wore very revealing outfits that showcased their physiques Thom Fitzgerald’s Beefcake opens gay festival Following the success of his debut film, The Hanging Garden, writer and director Thom Fitzgerald wanted to make a film about …

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