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Dating App Privacy Personal Information Sharing

Dating App Privacy This final post isn’t about LGBTQ censorship … it’s about privacy. A story that came from the Norwegian Consumer Council this week illustrates how much data users of dating apps like Grindr are giving away. Mostly without their knowledge. The report uncovers how every time we use …

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Online Resources LGBTQ Digital Freedom

Queer Censorship I wanted to do a quick post to share some of the online resources that I have found. The recent case of the Hallmark Channel reversing their decision to remove the Lesbian wedding advertisements is a sign of hope. Although, social media has a lot of negatives this …

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LGBTQ TikTok Moderation Guideline Ban

LGBTQ TikTok Moderation Guideline Ban Obviously, I am not a pro-user of TikTok so I can’t say that I know much about it. I have an account with a few followers. It seems to be skewered to a much younger demographic. Even so they don’t seem to ban or censor …

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Google Adsense Flagging LGBT Website Content

Google Adsense I thought I was the only one having problems with Adsense… but a quick ‘Google Search’ reveals that it’s definitely not just website. I have an Adsense account running on this site for about two years. I found this going back to October of 2012. Someone responded on …

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LGBTQ Hollywood Mainstream Global Movies

Hollywood Movie Queer Censorship Not only are queer voices being silenced on social media and websites we are being edited out of movies. At least any trace of same sex relationships. Here are some recent examples of mainstreams movies being edited for a wider global audience. Star Wars LGBTQ Censorship …

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Instagram Aka Facebook LGBT Discrimination

Queer Culture Censorship This post focuses on mostly on Instagram which of course is owned by Facebook. I don’t use Facebook enough to be able to comment on the censorship going on there. Personally, I think the less and less that people use Facebook it won’t be as big an …

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LGBTQ Tumblr Content Restriction Policies

Tumblr Queer Censorship A year ago Tumblr decided to ban adult content on their platform. Here is an article about that back then A controversial adult content ban took effect across Tumblr on Monday, after two weeks of sustained user outrage and internet-wide fears that this would mean the death …

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LGBTQ YouTube Restrictions Demonetization

Youtube’s Biggest Lie This video came out at the end of September and currently has over a million views. It’s very well produced and illustrates the way that YouTube censors the gay community. They even went as far as creating a database of all the words that YouTube demonetized. The …

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Google Play App Store Anti-gay Bias Discrimination

Queer Culture Censorship Not only are social media platforms being censored the Apps themselves are being discriminated against. Google Play Store Censorship There aren’t that many Queer Apps to chose from but the ones that we do have are being removed from the App store Google Hornet LGBT Censorship Hornet …

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Model Photographer Interviewed Q & A

Beefcake Male Model Photographer Q & A We’ve seen you with a lot of models, and it never seems to get old for you. Is it acting or are you that insatiable? Honestly, I think to be great at anything, you have to have an insatiable love for what you …

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