Candid Interview Q & A Webmaster Bryan

Candid Interview Q & A Webmaster Bryan


Your site used to be called Chaos in Austin. Did you move, hence the name change ?

The site started off as an “Ego-site”. Long before blogs and places like Myspace, I had my own personal site that had all kinds of info about me, including a photo journal that I updated weekly, basically talking about my so called gay life in Texas. A little Chaos In Austin..

Eventually I added cams all around my house. My “hobby” suddenly became popular with visitors, and I began to get hit with high bandwidth bills. So I decided to start a small membership area to help cover the expenses. I had lots of handsome well-built friends and I hit them up first to pose. It just snowballed from there.

I eventually moved to San Diego to be closer to the modeling industry.After that, the site name just didn’t fit, and it sure was hard to spell. As the site has changed much over its seven year run, the name change to the more general is in alignment with its growth.

When you lived in Austin, did you get only local guys to model for you?

I did pretty much stick to local Austin guys. Mostly because of not really having enough money to fly models in. Flying in models is such a gamble.Anyone who has cruised online knows that people’s photos and profiles are not always..uh…accurate.

I actually prefer living and working in Austin. It’s a lot easier to find private locations, but I think I would quickly run out of local talent if I only worked with guys from Austin.

Most of the guys on your site have slammin’ bodies. Is that a pre-requisite for being a model ?

I tend to think my models are all over the map in both age and build. I get accusatory emails each week- “Why are your guys so young? Bring on the MEN!” then that same week I get an email complaining the models are too old. I’ve come to the conclusion that this means I am fairly balanced in age and build. A great body helps, handsome face too, but I guess I look for an innate sexiness or intimacy that each guy might uniquely have.

Some sites build a big following by having a particular type of guy. It’s a great way to ensure that your members will get exactly what they want week after week after week.

But I find so many different types of guys sexy! Viewers who are flexible in their tastes will love the variety they will see. If you like the same thing over and over again, you might find yourself writing me saying “You’ve got too many of ‘something’” and wishing for more of your “type”.

Have you ever had any disaster strike during a photo shoot?

Nothing dramatic. Pretty standard stuff. Cell phones ringing during shots (I think the girlfriends know JUST when to call) and a few misfires.I have a few “bloopers” in my video pile. In a couple months, I’m going to post a compilation of them. Should be fun and mortifying for all!

Your photos are more artfully shot than most other amateur models sites. Do you take all the photos?

Yep, I actually create everything you see on the site. I am a one man show. From the web-design, graphics, tech support, photo taking/editing,as well as the entire video production, hell, even making travel arrangements and getting the models from point A to Point B is all done pretty much by me. If you write the site, you write me.

As for the artfully shot photos, I guess I started out primarily as a photographer, so it is hard for me to pull away from the artistic side of the work. I always wanted other people to “see” what I see in these guys.Tend to focus on face and eyes- physique seems secondary. I do find thatI get in assembly line mode because I am trying to create as much content as possible to keep members happy. So I struggle to keep variety in the images, but viewers still seem to respond on an emotional level rather than an erotic level. That’s what the videos are for!

Do you find other sites copying your style?

Not really. It’s hard to copy photo style. Now video, it’s hard to be creative, especially with solo work. So I see lots of elements and themes popping up in my own videos. I am still finding my own style in shooting the videos.

There are a LOT of new sites out there though. It’s a little worrisome.

You seem like a real professional. Don’t you ever want to put your hands all over these sexy guys?

I’ve never taken the lead in personal matters. I don’t think I have ever asked anyone on a date. I just don’t think anyone would be interested.

So if there is chemistry between a model and I, the model practically has to hit me over the head to make it happen. I’m pretty reluctant to play with models, cuz I don’t want to be “that guy”. I would say that about 80percent of models are straight anyway, so it just doesn’t come up too often.

It’s been real hard to find gay guys to work with all the straight models.Gay guys seem to like it, but don’t have a very high opinion of men who do it or make it. So I run out of the Q Factor and end up with two straight guys teething on each other. The irony of course, is I go online and see message boarders saying how they really aren’t straight.

I don’t tend to market my guys as gay or straight, cuz viewers don’t believe it anyway. Why bother? So I just put down what they fill out ontheir application.

I have been real tempted on a number of occasions to just get in there in frustration of the lack of available willing gay guys.

I’m also a little more than fascinated by the idea of “edging” a straight
dude for an hour till he’s begging me.

That’s professional? Right?

But again, most of the guys are straight, so horseplay is frowned upon.

Your CamCaps section shows your visitors a whole lot of you, with other guys. Which do you enjoy more, taping or being taped?

That’s easy. I much MUCH prefer being behind the camera. My site has been around a long time, and for many years the only model I had easily available was me. Free labor! I am pretty reluctant about doing those things since I am not as hot or built as the rest of the models. But I would never ask anyone to do what I wouldn’t be willing to do myself. You don’t always find that attitude in many production companies.

8.5. How many dates have you gotten as the result of being the webmaster?

I’m pretty much retired from the dating thing. I don’t think I have beeno n a date for years. Now hookups, that’s been known to happen, but a lot less frequently as I move the focus on the site away from me to the content.

I do however seem to fall “in love” with many of the models. They come in for a couple days, and a surprising number of the guys are terrific. I like getting to know them, and maybe that comes out in the photos. It feels a bit like a date.

Then I spend hours editing their photos and videos. It’s a very intense intimate process. Perhaps that translates in to the final video/photos as well.

Then I have a day away from them, clear my mind, and it’s on to my next
intimate relationship.

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