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California Gay Models Palm Springs Party

California Gay Models Palm Springs Party in review of queer film featuring good looking men. Toned beautiful to look at this guys are sexy dream dates

Handsome Male Models on Vacation


Dark n’ handsome Fredrick and blond Matthew arrive in Palm Springs for a relaxing weekend. As Matthew heads off to catch some rays in his Speedo, Fredrick is stuck unpacking. While doing so he conveniently finds a stash of VHS tapes beneath the bed (who collects VHS anymore?!) and calls Matthew in. As Matthew is wondering the same thing Freddy slips a tape labeled “Your Eyes Only” in. “Guess we’re about to find out,” he says as they settle in to see what’s in the archaic collection.

Our first scene opens with beefy tanned circuit boys by the pool. Dirty talking cameraman Doug is filming with his home recorder while Marcel D. is getting kissed by tall brunet Derrick. Obviously turned on, we keep getting close up shots of Doug until he eventually joins in and we alternate between his home video and a mysterious 2nd cameraman. These guys are hungry for each other.

California Gay Models Palm Springs Party

During this we get flashes how turned on Fredrick and Matthew are getting. By the end of the first tape Fredrick comments on Matthew’s body, barely contained in his Speedos.

Next up is an incredibly romantic coupling between twinky Turk and Vance, who look so much alike they could pass for brothers (for those of us into that kink). Vance’s meaty body is the first one freed up for a great session and the sweet look in Turk’s eyes is incredulous.

The final tape has Mario and Rik in the kitchen, just back from grocery shopping. Rik wastes no time in freeing Mario’s time. Quick to arrive on the scene is cameraman Doug who can’t resist joining in on the action again. Rik gets jammed between the two muscle bears.


Fredrick really goes to town on Matthew and Freddy clearly an expert, stealing the scene with his skill and killer abs. Fredrick wishes cameraman Doug had been around to film their steamy session. “I am,” says Doug from the open screen door. Another hot tape for the collection




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