Butch Muscle Hunks Flexing Pecs

Jeremy Walker Gay Amateur Male Model

Jeremy showing off his hot body. He was not too excited about getting a photo shoot at first, he warmed up to it – quite a bit – as he experimented for the first time with some new poses.

Brad Gay Amateur Male Model

The photographer received some friends over for a New Year’s Eve party. Brad was of course one of main dishes. Seriously, he decided to prank one of his drunk guest with a glass of wine while he was making sure no one entered the kitchen.

Charlie & Dante Gay Amateur Male Model

Dante is feeling pretty low on his anniversary, but luckily for him, good friend Charlie is around to console him on this most auspicious day. Dante is reeling from the break up, and he’s feeling it more than ever today, but Charlie is already on the way over to make sure Dante isn’t spending this anniversary alone. When he arrives, Dante asks what he has in mind, and Charlie tells him they should spend the anniversary the way they are supposed to be spent.

Renato Machado Gay Amateur Male Model

Hot Renato.

Yannis Gay Amateur Male Model

By now you are all probably at least aware of Yannis from his work at Christmas with Nils, so they would like to start the new year getting to know him a bit better.
This interview is great in so many ways, firstly, Yannis is charming and sexy, cute and funny, and secondly, it did not require any translation at all as Yannis is quite proficient in English.

Ryan Gay Amateur Male Model

It didn’t take long before Ryan let himself go and started getting into the shoot. Everyone was taking pictures and watching his confidence grow .

Scott & Jesse Gay Amateur Male Models

Once Scott is done introducing the two they lie back on the bed and start flexing their arms. Scott asks Jesse if it’s ok for him to help him out some and Jesse is all game.

JJ Gay Amateur Male Model

When they first met with the photographer and JJ he could not believe his eyes. JJ is so incredibly hot he lost his breath. Not only was he hot he was really friendly and funny.

Oliver S Amateur Male Model

It was kind of a challenge to keep Oliver focused. He was looking at every single female that walked by.

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