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Body Builder Kyle Print Model Brody Photoshoots

Body Builder Kyle Print Model Brody Photoshoots featured as well as amateur models Alex & West; also look behind the scenes as photographers capture images

Body Builder Frank

Here we see Frank shirtless as he shows off his 6 pack and nicely defined chest.

Body Builder Kyle Stevens

Handsome Male Model Photo

Very buff fitness model and bodybuilder Kyle Stevens. Here we see the shaved head model as he poses in a pair of black PVC shorts. Not much information was sent about this model. We can see by the pictures that he is in extreme top form.

Print Model Brody Mitchell

Handsome Male Model Photo

Brody works as a print model in L.A. Again, that is all the information that was sent about this male model. By print I assuming that they mean for advertisements. He does seem to be the type of male that would appear in ad selling products.

In this set of photos we see him wearing a pair of blue jeans and a blue shirt which later come off to show off his 6 pack stomach. A very attractive man.

Muscle Model Muktar

Handsome Male Model Photo
Muktars body barely fits in any kind of clothing, let alone that poor stretched-out pair of blue jeans. This good looking model appears wearing a pair of blue jeans and no shirt. He chest looks like it has been oiled down.


Found this video online with some of the bodybuilder models promoting themselves in a montage. Some of the fitness models discuss their stats but most just take their shirts off.

Amateur Male Model Alex

Handsome Male Model Photo

Generally when a model takes his clothing off, you mostly know what to expect. When Alex’s came off, there was a surprise. He showed up straight from work wearing nice clothes, did a slow striptease and revealed: smiley face boxers 😊 . This model has a guy next door look to him. Very appealing. Not sure if Alex took his modelling to the next level or not.

Amateur Male Model Wes

Handsome Male Model Photo

Wes, is down to earth and fresh. Basically, your average guy 23 year old street wise amateur model, he’s straight out of the army and looking for a way to fill his down time, so doing a little modelling was just what the doctor ordered. He has that rough around the edges look that appeals to many gay men.

Lovers and Models Cru & Dakota

Handsome Male Model Photo

Cru and Dakota met at a friends house a few nights before this shoot but didn’t know they were both male models. Imagine their surprise when they both show up on set and the other model is that other model that they had been checking out. They do a few poses like this before they take their shirts off.

European Male Model Jirka

Handsome Male Model Photo
Jirka is really handsome. Love the Beretta cap he is wearing. He’s an Aries as far as astrology is concerned. Watch out as this model from Czech Republic takes off his shirt.

Backstage with European Male Models

Handsome Male Model Photo

Here we see some behind the scenes looks at a model photoshoot. This was an episode they shot at the Brewery closed by the Nazis in 1943. The models from the Czech Republic are Jiri, Josef, and Petr.


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