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Behind Scenes Amateur Gay Boot Camp

Euro Boot Camp Gay Amateur Male Models

For the first series called BootCamp, they decided to give a short version of documentary series as a little taste of what is coming up.

Mickael Gay Amateur Male Model

Sometimes the simplest idea is the most exciting. He always fantasized about entering a friend’s property. Of course, knowing that he wouldn’t mind when he finds out!

 Gay Amateur Male Models


Dempsy & Keegan

I always thought these pictures were well captured. The models seem suited for each other

From the original description:

“Members enjoyed watching hot skater boy Dempsy & Curt last month and now he’s back. This time around Keegan gives it up for this dyanamo machine. The chemistry between them is blazin’!”

Damon & Landon

I think they took a bunch of the models down to Australia from San Diego and they all hung out. These were some of the pictures from that trip. The lightning is nice with these shots.

Smoking Red-head Stephan

Other set of images that were nicely photographed. Never realized that smoking was an actual obsession until I saw these pictures.

From the original description:

“As we are committed to showing the full spectrum of Men, we MUST include those with Irish roots. We’ve had a lot of requests for redheads lately and some of you have expressed a fondness for smoking men. Well, our man Stephan fills the bill quite well we think.
His red hair and fair complexion are a contrast to the types of men that we feature. In this photo series, Stephan works up his nerve for our camera by relaxing in red leather chair and smoking a cigarette. Nerves calmed, the sharp-dressed young Irish lad removes his shirt and tie and gives us a look at his lean body and milk-white skin. ”

Adam & Dallas Gay Amateur Male Models

Adam sits next to Dallas and wants to talk to him about something that has been on his mind. He cannot contain himself anymore he wants to kiss him! Dallas clearly cannot resist a young guy like Adam!

Ben & Nico Gay Amateur Male Models

Ben gets to know Nico and gleefully shows the newcomer his dominant side with a raw power kiss! At first though they engage slow & sensuous making out.

Guys Guys Guys Kissing Loving Hugging

Guys Guys Guys Kissing Loving Hugging slideshow with some pictures of men from then & now. Lots of good looking studs showing off muscles & love

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