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Asian Cuties Finding Each Other

Jamie Gay Beefcake Model

Kevin will be performing the interview with Jamie. While they suspect the questions won’t be as witty as George’s, sure the tension will be higher.

Normally they do not schedule interviews in the same edition in which a model has a scene.
They departed from this tradition because Jamie specifically mentions his scene with another model. However, Jamie steadfastly observed the tradition of removing his shirt and giving a solo show to end the interview.

Bass & Yai Gay Beefcake Models

Taking a walk in the woods, Yai wanders around looking for something to do, he finds Bass. All by himself, Bass lets Yai come play; love in the woods with Asian models; They can not be far off. For these two guys kissing is a natural experience, you have got to see it to appreciate.

Shane & Harry Gay Beefcake Models

Shane shows Harry some hoop tricks and gets a kiss as a reward.

Fabio Gay Beefcake Model

They’ve got one for the blond guy lovers this week with Fabio this weeks featured Pin-Up beefcake. Fabio is a super sexy blond model with amazing thick full lips just made for kissing. He strips down to reveal a sexy lean body. Get to know every inch of this sexy guy.

Tommy Gay Beefcake Model

He can understand why he likes shooting with Italian men. Especially, when you meet guys like Tommy. After hooking up with Tommy a couple of years ago in New York. He now makes sure they get together every time he gets over to the east coast of the states. There was no shooting on hotel rooftops because of the cold weather. He dared Tommy to jump up on the window sill to give the crowds on 5th Avenue a good look. To his surprise he did it! In fact he had so many exhibitionists up on that window during his stay. Was surprised the hotel didn’t throw him out. 27 year old softly spoken Tommy has been living in the big apple for a lot of years now.

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