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Arad Winwin Underwear Model

Everyone’s favorite underwear model is Arad Winwin… He even has his own page on Andrew Christian which is the unofficial official underwear for gay men.

“Sexy, smart,and cool, Arad is the Full-package! From his sexy smile, his strong muscles, and his noticeable Trophy Boy package, Arad will have not trouble getting you going! You’re going to enjoy getting to know this super-hot Persian hunk in and out of his favorite AC briefs. “

Here is Arad doing a promotional YouTube spot for the underwear brand Andrew Christian on YouTube.

Arad Interview

Arad is from Iran where being gay is not allowed and can be punishable by death. There’s a interview on Queerty were he talks about how he fled Iran through the mountains. He reached Turkey but Arad was put in jail for not carrying a passport.

The 6 months that he spent in Turkish jail while ‘horrible’ but turned out to be helpful. He met another inmate who told him about the United Nations Refugee Program. He was accepted into that program and was sent to Dallas Texas. In Dallas he took a job at an elevator company and then he started go-go dancing. The go-go dancing led to modelling !

Arad Instagram

You can check out Arad’s Instagram where he has an impressive 386K followers.

Brands & nightlife promoter
Los Angeles based 🇺🇸🇮🇷.

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Endless summer… ☀️ .. .. .. #aradwinwin #summer #wetrepublic

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He has lots of pictures of him wearing Speedos and of course Andrew Christian underwear.


He has an entry on IMDB with a list of his movies.

Arad Facebook

I’m a Persian guy who believes in hope and focus. Be loyal to yourself first and always grateful


Arad Twitter

On Twitter Arad has 147K followers but he is more active on Instagram.

Good morning lovely people ❤️😊— Official.ARADWINWIN (@OAradwinwin) September 10, 2019

Arad YouTube

Arad doesn’t have an official YouTube channel.. but I found a few videos.

This seems to be from a live show where he shows off his underwear.

Here are some of Arad’s photo sessions with various co-stars:

Arad Winwin & Dakota

The Foreman’s Son stars Arad as a construction worker who is flirting with Dakota.

Arad Winwin & Hunter

This scene features Hunter who is in a mountain cabin and finds Arad Winwin watching him in the window. Instead of being upset Hunter invites Arad inside the cabin.

Arad Winwin & Levi

This scene features Levi with Arad who play a pair of lovers. It’s one of Arad’s early photo shoots and because he was just learning English at this point there isn’t much dialogue (obviously).

Arad Winwin & Dylan

Dylan is featured with Arad who is described as a ‘beautiful Persian muscle god”.

Arad Winwin & Alam

Alam appears on a yacht where he flirts with security guard Arad Winwin.

Arad Winwin L.A. Auditions

Finally, a solo performance by Arad where he shows off his body and again.. those Andrew Christian underwear.

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