American French Hunks Make Connection

Chris & Calvin Gay Amateur Male Models

French beefcake Chris returns to be with Calvin! As they make out Calvin is drawn to what he calls Chris’ physique. Calvin uses his American can-do spirit with Chris, even as Chris buys in. In turn Chris shows his enthusiastic French style and kisses him into a blissful state of pure pleasure.

Bruno & Issac Gay Amateur Male Models

Fire breathing Bruno, takes the temperature soaring as a lycra clad Issac hangs from the circus hoop.

Val & Friends

It can really get out of hand at the workshop when the boss is away. Two trainees and a staff get their own tools out as they all want to have a bit of fun among themselves.

Liam Gay Amateur Male Model

The hottie in the studio is Liam Corolla, is in need of some experience. This model stands at 5′ 7″ and weighs in around 130 pounds. Despite never being in front of a camera before, Liam exudes a natural confidence. Taking off his t-shirt, Liam revealed tattoos on both arms; a large ‘respect’ on the underside of his left arm and a tattooed lady on his right arm.

Kodi & Ross Gay Amateur Male Models

Kodi and Ross are out at the marina and they are going to be indulging in some connections. It was easy to see that the two guys were ready to get going right away. Both models having a ready smile for the camera.

Aiden & Cameron Gay Amateur Male Models

They have been waiting to pair these two up for quite a while! There’s something so interesting about a much bigger guy with a smaller, leaner one, as Aiden and Cameron showed a few months ago. They suspect fans out there have been waiting for it, too.

Maybe it was the difference in size, or the fact that they’ve gotten to be friends … heck, maybe it’s the scorpion tattoos they have in common.

hanging out

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