• Uptown says the graphic spinning around

    Black background is not that great but it highlights the words that move overtop

  • Just the sunset from the horizon.

    You should appreciate that because all models do.

  • Model working out at the gym shirtless

    We just see him from behind as he work his upper torso and the words 'sweat' appear above him body.

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Mashup Handsome Model Around Globe

Mashup Featuring Handsome Models Around Globe


Photoshop edits plus animated gifs. Take a look as these guys pose for photoshoots outdoors on location


Handsome Male Model Slide Show

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Arab model from Istanbul Hassad posing shirtless for the camera. If you like this fresh-
faced model you should be seeing him more at this place in Turkey. |Handsome Male Model Slide Show

Alex Silva muscle bound model poses in his strap. We see him on the beach and in the bedroom in this photo edit. He is looking very muscular and manly.|

Handsome Male Model Slide Show       

 Rocco is a model showing off tanned body shirtless. He is in a photoshop thing that I did with a black & white image. He is Italian & very good looking, his destination is modelling. | Handsome Male Model Slide Show
Chris & Tory perfect model combination. They continue to be extremely popular as well. Chris was ready to take the next step knew this photoshoot was going to be a good one. | Handsome Male Model Slide Show


Sexy latino male model Fausto shirtless and looking very handsome as he appears behind some ink blot looking characters. He isn’t wearing any clothing but is discreetly covered. | Handsome Male Model Slide Show


Latino Bira is a popular male model & one of the nicest guys showcasing his smoldering good looks, hot tats and awesome body while he is shaving shirtless. | Handsome Male Model Slide Show


New models directly from Europe kissing at the photo studio for a website. Fun for these guys from Germany in hot sizzling action. They are very good looking shirtless and look good on camera | Handsome Male Model Slide Show


Older model Rocco shows off body shirtless & the kind of guy you would like beside you when you walk down a dark alley in a rough part of town. He is a very tall and handsome model. | Handsome Male Model Slide Show Once he’s safely escorted you through that part of town, you will definitely thank him by kissing him and satisfying his every desire. His ripped muscular body that is covered with tattoos across his chest and shoulder and down his thigh. Buzzcut, clipped goatee, broad hairy chest and steely eyes add to his rough and tough model image.

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Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs


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Model footage is shown playing pool at the camera while whipping out his skills, spreading his cue, playing with his talent and everything in between| Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs        
Young models kissing on camera alarmed out how small he was compared to his co-star. One has a serious girlfriend, and a relaxed attitude about sex with other men. | Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs
White male model approaches black muscle model from behind and seems to be grabbing him. The ebony male looks a little startled and turns around to see who it is. | Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs


Shirtless male models playing touch American football on the field somewhere in the USA. They look like they are having a good time. They are both college age and good looking, with promising careers ahead.| Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs  


Good looking male model walking around shirtless and he looks like he is going into another room. We don’t ever get to find out because the gif just ends at the doorway as we see him smiling | Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs



Sexy black model Xavier kissing bf in the bathtub. The white model is in the tub as his ebony leans in to give him a kiss from behind. Very beautiful models together. | Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs


Muscle male model Sean towelling off & showing off his amazing body. The definitely hot stud is very good looking shows off his extremely workout physique |  Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs


Black and white male models enjoying kiss in this short kiss that has the ebony stud in a chair while his boyfriend is on the floor and making love to him | Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs


Cameraman captured behind the scenes as he captures the action with his camera. We just him on the left but we can’t see who or what he is photographing | Handsome Male Model Animated Gifs
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Handsome Male Model Photos


Jason another handsome male modeling showing off his lips close up. He has some facial hair around his red lips. It appears that has a bit of beard and some sort of a light moustache.

Jason another handsome male modeling

Paul’s fun medical model fetish portrayed by English model in the studio. He was studying medicine at university. They gave him a surgical gown to wear over and he got into the role immediately.

 Paul's fun medical model fetish

Medical gown doesn’t stay on for long as Paul gets into character and plays around while wearing rubber gloves. This environment gets him excited so he lays back on the cool steel exam table.
He will make a real handsome young doctor someday but just a model for now. He will have patients lining up for complete physicals in his office waiting room.

Just Some Funny Model Animated Gifs

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Muscle male model running on the street he stops on the sidewalk and takes off his shirt. He is wearing sunglasses and a gold chain around his with yellow shorts| Just Some Funny Model Animated Gifs
Muscle male model Rob doing pull ups on beach which appears to be in Brazil. He is still without a shirt and he flexes during the video clip and models his body | Just Some Funny Model Animated Gifs
More of model Rob as he strips off his yellow shorts on the beach. When he takes them off we see he is wearing a tight blue speedo. This model is very muscular with large legs. | Just Some Funny Model Animated Gifs
Sunglasses wearing Rob now on patio and posing in his blue speedos. We see his tanned body as he gets off the recliner and does a little to show in this fun scene. | Just Some Funny Model Animated Gifs


Rob without sunglasses gets shirtless in the bathroom. He takes off his blue speedos and from behind we get to see his buttocks. The guy is going to shower off after his photoshoot.| Just Some Funny Model Animated Gifs
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