• Muscle Brazilian stud showing tattoo

    Muscle Brazilian stud showing tattoo that is on his right arm. We see him smiling and then the camera moves in on a tight shot to show off his tribal tattoos

  • Dragos Milovich has a good thing going. Fleet of young muscle boys available at the snap of his fingers, access to an entertainment posse in Eastern Europe

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Male Models Featured in Cartoon Collage

Male Models Featured in Cartoon Collage that shows glimspes into gay lifestyle. Other photo collages shows good looking men including superstar Mark Dalton.


male models collage

Models clockwise from top left

Male Model Manuel Skye

Manuel on the bar for last call at the local bar has gone, and with the patrons gone, the bar staff is free to do as they please.

Male Model Brandon Evans

Brandon and he is ready to get down and dirty, but not before breakfast!

Male Models Scott with Tobias

Getting in a workout after practice one day, the coach tells him that the rest of the team is really impressed with his play and his attitude. He tells him that he seems tense, and asks him if he’s getting any at home. Tobias confesses that he’s never actually been with another. Following Tobias back to the locker room, he tells him that he knows a few ways to help Tobias loosen up. Tobias is somewhat shy.

Male Models Lance with Chris

Lance has another thought that needs attention. Rather than approaching the gardener with a pitch, Lance decides to lure Chris with the lure of cold hard honesty. Chris takes the bait and follows its lead to Lance’s place, where he finds Lance already laying in bed, shirt off, ready to kiss. Only then does Chris understands what he is after.

Male Model Cesar

Alone in the locker room, which is messy with clothing strewn about. He starts smelling a shirt that is hanging on a locker and as he pulls it off to get a better smell he starts looking at himself through his own lense.

Ashton in his underwear

Ashton wakes up next and he can’t make it back up to the bedroom in time.

Marcel from Eastern Europe posing

Skater Cutie Rex interview

Marcel from Eastern Europe posing fun. He has his shorts pulled down & we just see the top of his buttocks. He has been photoshopped over a flower backdrop.


Adam shirtless dancing around smiling

Behind the scenes photo edit

Adam shirtless dancing around smiling in his underwear. He is in his early twenties with dark brown hair and eyes. He is very good looking and a lot of fun.

Mark Dalton classic Texan country boy

Mark Dalton classic Texan country boy

Mark Dalton classic Texan country boy. His slang and his innocent looks might leave a impression though: the farm stud had been around the haystack, the block and now the world.


Collection of behind scenes models



Stud of a man Carlos and he may not be able to get any further than the professional handshake. Rio accidentally finds out that he is in fact not straight he doesn’t waste any time in making his move and releasing all that pent up frustration. Every inch the dominant type, he is more than happy to oblige, giving Rio’s muscular body all the hard attention that it so craves, warming it up with his thick arms senseless right there on the boardroom table.


Collage with more shirtless models


Collage with more shirtless models

Collage with more shirtless models featuring Aspen and Jack, Pierce who finds a special delivery at his door: Jaxton shirtless.



Pierce  finds a special delivery at his door, he gets right to work stuffing the contents of the package. Jaxton  finds him and does not hold back, turning Pierce into his little plaything like the true savage he is.

Malcolm, Kaleb & Manny

Malcolm is a hottie a little nervous, but excitement of trying something new overruled anything else. Kaleb is back and ready to tackle a few firsts with a guy! Kissing and a few other things. Manny just wanted to get started after he reached down and showed Kaleb a great time.

Aspen and Jack

Create a one-of-a-kind sound, and can reach deep into one’s soul.

Vadim  & Noah

Sensual secrets in the secluded mountain town. Lovers Vadim and Noah waste no time expressing their. No idea where it will lead them, but they know it will yield a pleasure both wonderful and strange. Shockwaves through both of their cores.


Something about a 30something stud that you can’t help but lust after. Especially, when they look like him. He was on a trip to Southern Florida and was a guest at the clothing optional resort. After watching him hook up with a couple guys around the pool he would be the perfect model.


Divorced at 19 years old, he tells the photographer that he’s dated around, but hasn’t had much luck yet. He’s only been in San Diego for 3 weeks. “Living on a ship doesn’t help much for dating” he said. They told him they didn’t think it would be bad to be stuck on a ship with 2,000 guys.

Skater Cutie Rex interview

Love piercings then Rex is your dream stud. This little skater hottie has a total of thirteen including a small prince albert crowning his body.

Adam photoshoot

Adam in photoshoot and it has got to be one of the best sets. A classic so you don’t want to miss watching Adam as he teases and tantalizes. Seems Adam’s down for finding himself. If you’re looking for a tuff straight white model then Adam just might be the guy. Adam recently turned 21. At 5’8, 150 pounds, blue eyes and brown hair, firm round butt he’s got all the right credentials.

Cartoon all about the gay bar culture

Cartoon all about the gay bar culture

Cartoon all about the bar culture in this one the guy at the door won’t let a patron inside. So the club goer invites him into the bathroom to make out.

Cartoon all about the queer culture

Cartoon all about the homo culture

Cartoon all about the queer culture in this one a guy on the street sees another guy and thinks he could be model. They go back to an apartment for a romance.


Cartoon all about the gay cruising culture

Cartoon all about the gay gym culture

Cartoon all about the cruising culture in this one two guys on the street see another guy leaving the gym and they invite him to go back to their place for fun.



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