Handsome Male Models Photoshoots Interviews Behind Scenes

Handsome Male Models Photoshoots Collages, Interviews, Behind Scenes with more college aged men from former website that paid tribute to good looking guys

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Amateur Male Model Daniel

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage
Remember when you used to do sit ups and you bragged about doing 25 or 50 at a shot? Well, Daniel does well over 100 daily and does it show! Sweet abs and arms, strong legs and a firm well defined body make Daniel just as much a great model as he is a hottie.

Amateur Male Model Ben

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

Amateur model Ben returns in a truly great set that shines from start to finish; and what a photoshoot with this hot 26 year old handsome model with a great personality. This is one show you really don’t want to miss.

Amateur Male Model Eddie

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

Take a second look at Eddie as we have in Eddie’s second model feature and you’ll find a guy full of fun; a guy extremely pleasing to the eye and a guy with more magnetism than most men can handle.

Amateur Male Model Cody

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

Cody is a hot 26 year old, freckled blond green-eyed jock model. And if you think you’re looking at a young Redford aka the Sundance Kid, well, you won’t be the only one.

Amateur Male Model Buster

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

This has got to be one of Buster’s best sets. The dialogue by itself makes this set a classic so you don’t want to miss watching Buster as he teases and tantalizes, shooting his breeze at the camera and you. Seems Buster’s down for finding a sugar daddy these days so if you’re looking for a tough straight white model to be your guy, then Buster just might be the guy. Buster recently turned 21. At 5’8, 150 pounds, blue eyes and blond hair, firm body he’s got all the right credentials to break anyone’s heart.

Amateur Male Model Brodie

“Wishful Thinking” starring Brodie, a sexy new model. He talks about his life and how he was on spring break. He gives his statistics – 5’11 – 165 lbs – brown hair and blue eyes with a 32 inch waist. He does have an incredible smile as well.

Amateur Male Model Unknown

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

Don’t know the name of this model but they had him wear a baseball uniform for the photoshoot. He looks perfect in the role. They called this photoshoot “Batter Up”

Amateur Male Model Justin

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

This model went by the name of Justin and this photoshoot was titled “Justin Tuff”. They had him cleaning the house shirtless.

Amateur Male Model Scotty

Handsome Male Model Photo Collage

“Scotty on the wall” was the title of this photoshoot. They had the model pose with a mirror which was a nice touch. He is a very handsome and lean young model.

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