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Handsome Male Model Blast February 2008

Handsome Male Model Blast February 2008 featuring good looking men from years gone past. Collage shows them as they pose 4 photographers in unique locations



Handsome Male Model Collage

Handsome Male Model Collage

From Top Left:

Turkish male model who went by the name of Mukhtar. Was exciting back then to have a model posing for gay men who had an arabic background. Very few models for gay websites have roots in the middle east. Great looking guy with a terrific body.

Great face on dirty blonde model who went by the name of Alex. He has those bedroom eyes that make you wonder what he’s thinking about.

Another body building model who went by the name of Kyle. Most of these guys are straight and realize that their biggest audience with be gay men. For the most part they don’t have an issues with that and market themselves for gay men.

Joseph has a really handsome looking face. He didn’t look that great out of his shirt.. but his beautiful eyes more than make up for it.

Another fitness model who went by the name of Brody. Before Instagram and other social media apps these guys has to pose for photographers to get themselves noticed. Now they can market themselves.

Prince Twins male models who did a lot of work together. People are infatuated with twins so its clever on their part to use that fascination that people have with them.



Handsome Male Model Video

Another body builder model who went by name of Frank. Here in this video clip we find him posing in his jockstrap and showing off his buttocks. These videos always had that blaming music playing over top. I personally found it annoying.


Handsome Male Model Gif

Handsome Male Model Gif

This male cute handsome male model went by name of Jason. They took him out to the creek and photographed him running around the rocks then taking off his shirt.


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