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Handsome Gay Male Model Lane Interviewed

Handsome Gay Male Model Lane Interviewed in San Diego. Photo collage features some sexy men from Czech Republic & Los Angeles – all are very good looking


Handsome Male Model Collage

From Top Left Clockwise

Handsome Male Model Collage

1) From Cocky Boys.. One of the first models ever for that site. He went by the name of Alberto


2) Model from Czech Republic called Jirifel. They never sent much information about any of these guys. I think it might have been a language thing. I met the people that ran this site.. it was a girl and a guy and they travelled around with all these men from Czech Republic. I met them in Las Vegas and they were upset because their models were getting ID’d and weren’t able to get into the clubs as the age was 21. Back in Europe legal drinking age is 18.


3) Model from Los Angeles who went by Alec Manning. The original blurb “From the shower to the bedroom, Alec Manning goes from clean hunk to dirty boy and wants you to watch.”


4) Guy in the outdoors was another model from Czech Republic. He went by Ondra. Again, nothing was supplied about any of these guys.\


5) Blonde guy – another one from Los Angeles. He went by Riley Price. Original blurb: “Riley Price is a hunky spitfire from Los Angeles with an all American look. He’s a bundle of sexual energy and really shows it off”

6) Model Ben. That’s the photo with the cool shadows. Another site from Los Angeles that kinda came and went. It started up after all the other sites. It was a little too late. They had some nice looking models though.

7) Model who went by Zack Randall. He worked for a lot of different sites and eventually started his own. Original text: “Later that day Zack drives up in a sporty little Cabrio and as soon as I saw how hot he looked behind the wheel I knew we had to shoot him in it! As you’ll see when you check out this update, Zack really got into the shoot”

8) Same model as above.. wanted to see if you would notice.

9) Frat college guys Dean and Diego. From the original text: “Dean was on his way to the Fratpad and Diego was on his way back home from his hugely successful run as the Pad’s newest pledge.”


Handsome Male Model Video


From original text: “Beefy stud Lane is a California native and he’s totally into guys. He tells me that he’s a versatile bottom”. I think some of these guys used to do these videos just to meet other guys.

Handsome Man Animated Gif

Handsome Man Animated Gif

Some of Alec Manning in the shower. Very handsome indeed.


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