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Amateur Male Models from California

Amateur Male Models from California

Amateur Male Model Erik

Amateur Male Model

Erik is a 19 year old straight model was who born and raised right there in San Diego, California. He’s been working his way through school, and he tells the photographer that he loves the college life.

Amateur Male Model Brock

Amateur Male Model

Brock had so much fun showing off, and he’s totally into guys. He laughs and says that he tried to be with a girl once and it just did not work out at all. He seems comfortable with himself.

Amateur Male Model Dave

Amateur Male Model

Amateur Male Model Dave is a towering 6′ 8″ tall and has a nice body to match. He’s totally bi-sexual and tells the photographer that he’s a total pussycat with guys. The cameraman was very surprised to hear that considering his height. He’s a very tall man.

Amateur Male Model Ray

Amateur Male Model

Ray is a 4th generation California boy that comes to the studio straight off the beach! The interviewer was really amazed with his eyes because they were such an amazing blue green color, and his lips are very kissable!

Amateur Male Model Ross in First Massage

Amateur Male Model

Ross tells the photographer that he’s never done anything with another guy, and that this photoshoot was his first massage ever! He said that girls always offer, but then they get so distracted by his good looks.

Amateur Male Model Lane

Amateur Male Model

Beefy model Lane is a California native and he’s totally into guys. He tells the cameraman that he’s a ready to pose for photographs. He was not nervous at all to pose for these pictures.

Amateur Male Model Graham

Amateur Male Model

Graham said he had a girlfriend back in high school, but it just didn’t work out after he discovered that guys are so much more fun! Graham is an outgoing ginger model. He turns around to show off his elaborate back tattoo.

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